How to build a page for your Small Business on Facebook?

Small Business

Facebook can become a great ally for your business. When starting a business, one of the most demanding challenges is to position the brand in the consumer’s mind. Currently it is inconceivable that a company has no Facebook page, taking into account the popularity of this social network has reached, that the moment has more than 900 million users.

So if you are thinking about starting to position your business and want to take the first step by creating a page in this network, it is important to consider some guidelines so you can take advantage of the tools provided by Facebook for business.
Small Business
Create a page, not a user profile.

With the arrival of the Timeline to the pages of companies, brands have many tools for your company to gain better positioning in the digital world.

Although at first glance the differences between a page and a user profile are not clear to many, it is important to take into account the benefits that brings a business page and constraints of a user profile. For example, the page can have an indefinite number of followers without requiring administrator approval for it, while the user profile cannot have more than 5000 friends and must approve the ‘friendship’ of people who request it.

Moreover, the pages let you surveys, fans can subscribe to the newsletter of the company and may even do contests through this space.

Other tools offered by the company are page statistics, this feature allows site administrators to monitor everything that happens on your site. With the help of statistics is possible to see how many new fans there are day, what is the ‘hook’ for users with content, what is the source of new users coming to the page, among others.

How to create it?

To create a business page on Facebook to join  Facebook Pages  and click the ‘Create a Page’. Next, you will find that the social network shows 6 options, you will have to choose one according to the characteristics of your business. After choosing it, Facebook displays a list of categories that relate to the option you chose, and at this point you can begin to customize your social network space.

The chronology, which some users have found it so uncomfortable, it can be very useful for organizations. This is reflected in cases such as The New York Times, and then mounted his page a timeline of its history, beginning in 1861 with the founding of the newspaper. It is important that when setting up your business page on Facebook , keep and eye-catching creative design to get more fans and get a good position among social network users. 

The new graphical format helps businesses a more intensive brand exposure and better achieved on their sites. In addition,”photos, the ‘interests’ and events are easily accessible from the top of the page, offering a quick overview of their products and services,” as indicated by CNET  at the time that the Timeline was made available to the companies.

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