Convert a PowerPoint Presentation to HTML5

powerpoint to HTML5

Converting a PowerPoint Presentation to HTML5 would come in handy while designing your business page. You can directly include your business portfolio or presentation directly. Moreover nothing beats PowerPoint when it comes to slideshows, why not web based slideshows? All you need to do is choose a good PowerPoint template with some content and you’re good to go

Html5 Libraries

With the help of these open-source HTML5 libraries, you can craft your slideshows much easier PowerPoint by CSS3 properties. Lets look at a few libraries which can help us replicate PowerPoint Presentations.

powerpoint to HTML5



Impress.JS is an amazing library. In addition to mere slideshows, you can also design various kinds of creative web pages. It makes uses of many intuitive CSS3 transforms to provide you a Prezi inspired interface. Within the infinite canvas you can play around and provide a spectacular visual treat for your visitors

All you need is a text editor and a few minutes of coding to work with Impress.JS



Reveal.JS is a great library exclusive for creating slideshows and converting/replicating PowerPoint Presentations. There are various innovative features like ‘Pausing’ the slideshow, arrow controls, Fragmented modes and various transitions effects.


HTML5 Rocks truly exemplifies the extent HTML5 can be manipulated. Similar to Impress, it has a 3D interface. You can zoom in and out as well during the presentation. You can also change the theme to your choice. However there are only like 3-4 default themes, which can be edited of course with basic knowledge of HTML.

Prezi, the top notch presentation tool works on flash platform. However, while HTML5 being close to become the standard of the web, it’s a huge let down for us, web designers.In addition to these libraries, there is another newbie friendly tools. There are various solutions like iSpring Converter, Digitalofficepro which provide direct PowerPoint to HTML5 conversion but cost around whopping 100 bucks which I feel a waste of money

Author Bio:  Gautham is a web designer and a part-time blogger at TechMinto

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