How To Install Custom ROMs in Android

install custom roms in android

There are many reasons to root your android, but the most important thing that attracts every android user to root are “Android ROMs”. If you have rooted your android, you may have come across this word, “ROM”. ROM is nothing but a OS (operating system) software that runs on your android. The Custom ROMs can also be said as turning your android to look like another android. (Example, if you have Samsung Galaxy Ace, you can make it look like a Samsung Galaxy S3 with some ROMs.)

Many of them, who’ve rooted their android don’t make it use to install custom ROMs or they may not know how to install custom ROMs in their android. In this article, I’ll be sharing how to install custom ROMs in your android.

Note : Before you install ROM in your android, you must have  rooted it, or else you can’t work with this.

Step 1) Installing ClockWorkMod

If you already have installed ClockWorkMod, you can proceed to step 2.

Now the first step is install ClockWorkMod in your android. ClockWorkMod versions differs with devices, just go here and find your device and in the Download Recovery column, click on the version, and your download will be started.

Note : Don’t extract or do anything to the file you’ve downloaded

Next connect your Android with your PC via USB cable, and copy the downloaded .zip file to the SD (external memory) card of your android. Now safely remove the device from the PC and Switch it off.

Then, you must press HOME + POWER button or VOLUME UP + HOME + POWER button, after pressing it once you see the reboot stop pressing and take your hands from it. Now your android must be in recovery mode.

Now Use the Volume keys to move UP and DOWN, and use HOME button to select. In the recovery mode you can see an option called “apply update from SD card” or something like that. Then click “apply update from SD card”, and select the file that you copied to your android from your PC. Wait until it installs the ClockWorkMod. After the installation is over. Click Reboot system now, and after rebooting your android has now installed ClockWorkMod.

This first step is the worst step for a new android user, who is installing ClockWorkMod in recovery mode. Once you’ve finish it, you may be familiar with it for the second time 🙂install custom roms in android

Step 2) Installing ROMS via ClockWorkMod

Now you’ve installed ClockWorkMod in your Android, and then installing ROMs are easy. First before installing any ROM try to backup your android via Titanium Backup Pro, and save the backup file to your PC. Then you download any ROM via PC that you want to install in your android, then as usual connect your android to the PC via USB and copy the downloaded file to your android’s SD card.

After, again reboot in recovery mode, then select “Apply update from SD Card” and select the ROM that you’ve copied. It may take a while to install it in your android, after installing it successfully, click “reboot system now”. And while booting your system it may take some time because the ROM you installed is running for the first time in your android. After it reboots, now your android is ready with the new ROM that you’ve installed.

Please do not extract or do anything to the files that you have downloaded, because it may not work.

Installing ROMs in Android is an easy thing, but many find it difficult. But I hope this article would be helpful for those people.

If you have any doubts or questions ask them via comments below, so that I can clarify.

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  1. Nice tut hari. Seems you have made a research before this post. You had better include some links for getting custom ROM or names of such. I’m an android ROM developer working at jellaxy team. Anyway fantastic guide for newbies.

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