HTC Butterfly Finally Arrived in International Market

HTC Butterfly

HTC is an emerging company and is known for making good quality gadgets. The cellular phones of the company are more famous as compared to other devices. Not just the Smartphones but applications and accessories are also popular. HTC has released many Smartphones, Sensation, Evo, S, U, V, x series and Hero are quite successful.

Whenever we buy a gadget, we compare all the available choices. HTC Smartphones are better than the competitors. The company has launched a new device named as HTC butterfly.

Specifications and Features

This new gadget is not really different than other cell phones of the HTC family. But it has some unique features, which make it an ideal choice. It is 143 mm long and 25 mm wide, while the thickness of the phone is 9.08mm. It weighs 140g, which is not much for a Smartphone.

The 5 inch display screen has Gorilla Glass 2, while the dimensions in pixel are 1920 x 1080. It contains the snapdragon processor, which has the abilities of the Qualcomm S4 processor. It also has the characteristics of quad-core pro. 16 GB is the internal memory of HTC butterfly, while it has 2 GB RAM. The micro SD card slot is also available for additional memory.

HTC Butterfly

It houses 8MP rear camera, while the front camera is 2.1 MP. 28mm lens is provided in the camera, while the front camera can shoot 1080 resolution video. Camera processing is really high and shutter lag is zero. Flashlight has 5 levels, which are adjustable according to the distance of the object. The flashlight will adjust itself, while you will take the picture or shoot the video.

HTC Butterfly (2)

It has a good battery as compared to other HTC Smartphones. HTC Smartphones is really delicate so the company has introduced many covering, not only for HTC butterfly but for the other gadgets as well. Android Jelly Bean 4.1 version is the one on which this phone runs. Adreno 32 is the processor used for graphics. Network coverage for GSM is 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz. GPS and Glonass are also available for turn by turn navigation.


Other than above stated features, you can get many more through the application stores. These applications can enhance the abilities of your phone many times. Following are the few applications, which you will love to have on your HTC butterfly.


Google maps are good but very few people know that android map application is also good enough. These maps are available on android application store. You can also get them at Google play store or HTC app store. No matter what store you choose you will get the latest version of these applications. Maps are helpful not only with navigation, but you can do many other things with them. The maps are easy to synchronize with other applications, including social media. You can also get in touch with your friends.

3D watchdog

If you want to keep the record of your mobile internet, this is the best application for that. No matter, it’s 3G or GPRS, you can use it for all kinds of internet. You will get the updates about the price of your internet. So, it will help you to know that when your balance is going to be finished and you need to recharge for internet access.

You can visit the website of company for more details. All the information about the applications and accessories is easily available on the internet. HTC is doing a great job and making its place in the world of Smartphones quickly.

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