How to Grow a Successful Blog


How to Grow a Successful Blog

Now a day blogsphere is becoming so much crowded and about 1000+ blogs are created worldwide. Every blog is not successful but only some of them are successful. Blogging is neither a joke at all nor a fun game.

It needs serious work and SMART work, not HARD. The smarter you play, the more success you achieve. This is the simple myth for blogging.

Today I will show you the three simple (and WORKING) ways to grow a successful blog and live a happy blogging life. I’m not saying that you will become a professional blogger right after reading this, but I’m quite sure that your knowledge will definitely increase. ๐Ÿ™‚


Is blogging your Passion?

It is true that there is huge potential to make money from your blog, but are you sure that blogging is your passion? Do you actually like it? Or you are blogging only because you know that you can earn money from it?

If you are thinking that blogging is a money-making-machine and that’s why you are into blogging, then seriously your blog will NEVER GROW.Do you know why?

Because you will think that I will earn money via blogging. You will start a new blog; write 2-3 posts and TADA! You won’t be able to write the 4th because just 2-3 posts cannot earn you money and you will think that blogging sucks! You’ll quit blogging.

This is what the story of those so called “BLOGGERS”.

So what works when it comes to grow a successful blog?

I can’t teach you the whole process in one post but here are some basic tactics:

Choose a right domain name

This is the very first step to start a blog and make it popular. Yeah, if you have a domain like “” then your blog will never grow. Well I know no one is going to buy such domain but it was just an example.

When you buy a domain, see if it relates to what your blog is all about? Does it have a search engine juice not? Is it fast to type and easy to remember or not?

Choose a domain with your main keyword in it. If you blog is going to be about puppies, then you could choose “” rather than “” I hope you got my point now ๐Ÿ˜‰

Be active in social media

Social media can play a huge role in your blogs success. Search Engine Optimization became a synonym of Social Media.

You can drive a lot of traffic from social media as well as you can get your posts ranked well in search engines with this. So try to become something different in social media. Simply try to be different from the crows in social media and promote your blog.

I’m sure this will make you touch the top of success. This will increase your fan base too ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s the last (not least) and most valuable tips to grow up a successful blog.


There are lots of blogs available online, why should I read your blog only rather than others? This is called unique selling proposition.

In other words, provide your readers a proper reason for reading and coming to your blog only rather than any other. Your USP (unique selling proposition) may be quality content, a proper product, a report or anything that attracts reader towards your blog and makes them keep coming. Don’t write just another post, but write unique posts and impress your readers.

This is the key to success. So find a USP for your blog and then tell it to your readers and enjoy the profits.

This post is written by Jafar Dhada from Right Blog Tips. If you would like to learn about making a successful blog and actually earning money from it, then visit my blog and subscribe. I will teach you how to earn money blogging. See you soon!


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