Comparison Of The Best MP3 Players

mp3 players

Best MP3 Players

Digital sound brought about a revolution in music listening comparable to radio at the turn of the last century.Some of the new generation of MP3 players users have probably not even heard of Napster….but digital sound, after giving out the first yelps on cds, simply exploded when MP3 players joined web download and changed the face of audio listening forever, or until the next revolution.

The Ipod Nano

Why are we waxing historical? Because the latest hit launch on the MP3 players market is in its seventh generation! We’re talking about the iPod Nano 16GB, the new born of the iconic iPod family. Let’s hear the not-so-good news first: at a retail price of about £ 120 it’s by no means the cheapest of its class but the family pedigree blazes out. The new Nano, with a touch screen and video player, a first in its class, is simply one of the best MP3 players around, large or small. It holds up to 7000 tunes, it loads 100MB in just 5 seconds – the previous model did it 13’’ – its sound quality is good, video quality is not bad and battery life, so long as you listen to music, is very good, up to 13 hours in some independent lab tests, though it falls to just around 3 hours if you stick to video. Other small minuses are its size, it is too small for some, and the fact that it doesn’t play WMA files. But these are just tiny details in an otherwise great picture.

mp3 players

The Samsung Galaxy

Say you’re one of those types who’s allergic to Apple: what do you go for instead of an iPod Touch? The first base to cover is the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-fi 5. Well, the price tag isn’t sweet, as the 16GB version goes for around £ 210, not exactly a bargain if you consider that the iPod Touch 5th generation 32GB is on the market at about £ 234. But for that you get a truly excellent MP3 player that runs on Android and competes comfortably in the iPod Touch league, and gets very high marks. It can play games, download apps, play videos on a 5 inch touch screen, take pics, play radio and browse the web brilliantly, and sound quality is excellent.

On the minus side, it weighs 176 grams to the Nano’s 21 grams, so it’s not the one to take to the gym, or in a small handbag but it is, pound for pound, as good as the iPod Touch.

The Thrifty Choice

What about a thrifty choice for those who want to have a decent player that does music and video for under £ 100? Try the Sony NWZ E-463: it’s a 2011 model so prices vary on the marketplace but you can find it between £55 and £70. It’s relatively compact, weighing 58 grams and has 4GB capability. It’s not Mac compatible but plays all other type of files and is reasonably fast: 22’’ to load 100MB of music – the Nano does it in 5’’. On the plus side, besides the price, it has outstanding battery life: independent tests clocked life on audio playback at 58 hours! And it does karaoke, a rather unusual feature. Video performance isn’t great as it features only a 2 inch screen but if you want a straightforward model with good value for money on music play this Sony is one to go for.

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