Advantages of Android Rooting No One Will Tell You

android rooting

The Android OS is nowadays emerging as a force to reckon with in the world of top mobile platforms as it is even challenging some of the well established icons in this field. With the ever increasing range and scope of Android mobile applications on the market, the activities that one can do using the application have tremendously increased. To top up on this, Android rooting allows even further extension of your phone’s functionality giving you even a much better experience with your gadget. This article introduces what rooting Android phone is all about and tries to highlight top advantages of this action.

android rooting

What is Android rooting?

When speaking about rooting an Android device, it means the same thing as iPhone jail breaking. Rooting transforms you to a super Android user allowing access numerous benefits that your original device could not permit. In a simpler language, Android rooting is like modifying your device operating system giving you unrestricted control of the device. To do this, you need to upload software called switch user (SU) which grants you access to root programs. This program is able to root your device by exploiting the drivers or vulnerability of operating system code. Which manufacturers do not approve this process, it comes with a range of advantages when it is managed successfully.

Helps customize your Android OS

Android rooting enables users to customize their device OS to suit their special needs which cannot be catered for by the original OS. Most of the popular devices on the market have after market operating systems that are more customized. Through rooting, you can simply alter your system files, user themes, delete apps which you feel are not necessary and achieve new ones as well as change your boot images among other advantages.

Save space

In the course of using your Android device, you might unfortunately reach your maximum storage limit which might deprive you of so many other functionalities. To avoid such hitches, you can root your device which makes some of the applications easily movable to SD. You are able to access tools such as Android custom ROM and CyanogenMod with your rooted device and easily transfer your apps to the SD and save more space in the process. Android developers do not allow this functionality and as such, Android rooting becomes inevitable.

Backup and restore

After rooting, you can easily backup all the images in the device to a SD card and then restore them later when required. As such, you can try different operating systems on your device. For instance, you can try a modified after market operating system after backing up your data first which completely erases everything. In case the new OS does not look great, simply restore your old image stored in the backup.

Android rooting tips

When rooting your Android device, it is pretty important that you are extra careful and follow all the instructions well. Android rooting is risky and has a great potential of damaging your device software when executed improperly.

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