Amazing Android Apps for Kids

kids apps

The immense popularity of Android as an operating system is regarded to the fact that it has something or the other for everyone in the offering. Be it aged, youth or kids the OS has a lot for all if Google the founder of Android is to be believed.Be it a tablet, a smart phone or any other device kids are crazy for the gadget or OS that has the maximum number of gaming or entertainment applications. So let us find out what Android has to offer to these game loving kids.

Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite

This app offers puzzles to children that fall in the age group of four to six that are entertaining as well as educational simultaneously. The users can spend many hours solving those puzzles and along with that enhance their knowledge about many basic shapes thus making the brain more active. The app enhances visual spatial skills and shape recognition skills of the kids. The app is quite simple to use and available at the Android Play store. The lite version has about 20 puzzles while the pro version has much more in the offering.

kids apps

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is undoubtedly among the most enjoyable gaming applications for all age groups especially kids. This game is truly interesting and one can pass hours while playing this game. As guessed by the name, the game is based on the revenge tails of birds that are angry on pigs and monkeys who ate their eggs. The graphics of the game are very good along with hilarious sound affect. Angry Birds now has many volumes in the name of Rio, Space etc and all of them are available free of cost at Play Store. The game is a total fun and entertainment package.

Talking Friends

This is one of the most innovative and enjoyable entertainment applications available in the store. A lot of talking friends are now available like talking Tom (the cat), Talking Santa, Talking Pierre (the parrot), and many more. The common feature with all of them is that they are all very enjoyable and entertaining. They all imitate what you say in different sounds. They do have many other funny features. This app can be downloaded free of cost; the ad free version is though paid and has many more features that are locked in the free version.

My Piano

This app is the rated as the best app by music lovers. My Piano provides a real like piano playing experience. A user can enjoy for hours playing piano and listening to the melodious music. Multi touch is supported by this application thus making it apt for usage as an instrumental app. The music quality of this app is also good and it has plenty of other features as well.


The app is not an entertaining one but has high utility; it aims at the academics of the students. The app helps in scheduling of home work and other lessons. The app also helps in time management as there are options for setting up reminders or so. The best functioning of this app could be realized on a tablet.

Android actually has a lot of apps for kids, not just for the purpose of entertainment but some are also for overall development of a child and a few are very useful and productive as well. Android is more fun when you have some decent video editing apps for android. They help you to manage videos efficiently so you can scribe those precious moment on video. Of course, you can bulk delete them in case if you don’t like them.

Have you started exploring above apps for your kids? Do they like them? Do let us know your opinion via the comment section below.

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