Top 5 Android Apps for College Students

Android Apps for College Students

The days when you have to carry a heavy school bag, taking care of keeping all notebooks, timetables etc inside have gone at present. It is the time when technology is growing at its peak speed. Technology has simplified the life of the college students to a great extent replacing those heavy bags, notebooks etc. with a number of alternative gadgets for managing notes, capturing whole lessons and a lot more. Especially Android applications have made their way straight to the hearts of students by providing a lot of helpful alternatives for managing timetables, notes and a lot more. Today in this article I have come up with the best Android apps that are getting really popular among young college going students and have a lot to offer.

Virt U – The Virtual University

This will make it possible to get the lectures delivered straight to those students who ever wished to go to the top universities like Harvard, Stanford etc. You can access these lectures using this app with your Android device. This App also provides you feature to communicate via other members with community discussion board. You can find this app free of cost in the Google Play Store.

Wolfram Alpha

It is one of the widely used app highly beneficial for college students. The students who are part of some specific course are the best audience for this app. This app was developed by Stephen Wolfram and named after the same. It is not a search engine but to some extent acts like the same. Here students can access knowledge of experts, search answers and specifically computations. This app uses the user’s query to fetch the information that is needed by the user. One can use it for algebraic, mechanical, coding, engineering solutions etc. This app is getting updated on regular basis. You can again get it from Google’s Play Store.


Evernote is one more must-have app for Android user specifically students. It is one more free app to use and still has a lot to offer that can make studies so relieving. It basically acts as a great organizer for organizing study material and other things related to it. You can manage your photographs, video contents, study notes, time table and a lot more. Also it is quite easy to connect it with your easy for easily transferring the matter between two. This is one that can’t resist you from downloading it on your Android device.

Kindle for Android

One more gem straight from Google Play Store and completely free of cost for all Android users out there. It will keep your back lighter by replacing burden of your notebooks, books and other reading stuff.  This app will provide you ability to read the e-books. You can now access and read the electronic data like e-books on your android device plus can also add new e-books downloading or ordering online. You can also set the fonts, brightness etc. to make reading even comfortable for you plus also can create notes out of that electronic stuff.

Easy Voice Recorder

Well there may be the cases when you come across such a tutor who speaks at lightning speed and it won’t always be easy for you to write down each and every important remark made. Even asking for repetition again and again can sound irritating as well. In solution to this basic problem of college students, Google has come up with Easy Voice Recorder You simply need an Android device to simply get your whole lecture captured as it is without missing even a single byte of information.
Easy Voice Recorder is extremely easy to operate with a single click to start recording and quality of audio is one to bet for. It is free to access from Google’s Play Store however for the Pro version with some extra features you need to pay a small fee of $3.08. However as a college student your need can be simply satisfied by free version.

Here I put to an end this post containing Top 5 Android Apps for college students. Well definitely there is a lot more to discuss about but when it comes to the best ones these 5 will provide better reasons to me to be on the list. Please share with us how these apps did for you and others which you would prefer over these.

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