7 Tools to find out who UnFollowed you on Twitter

unfollow twitter

Twitter is actually the most happening social networks currently. The people who aren’t still using it are actually making a big mistake than anyone else. May they realize their mistake in the future. But, for the time when people are using it. It isn’t that much bad for anyone. Also, twitter is much more easy and usable according to me.

Here, at twitter people use to follow and unfollow each other from day to day. Also, there are a lot of strange trends on twitter.  Like using services that let you follow people instantly who follow you. This can be fun. But, there’s no doubt that there are people who follow you just when you follow them and then, they unfollow you. Its as dirty as it sounds.

Here is a list of Twitter tools which tells you the ids that just unfollowed you.

unfollow twitter

#1: @Unfollowr: Just follow this twitter handle. It will DM you as soon as one of your follower unfollows you! Its easy… I use it because i get direct details and don’t have to go to some other site or even my business mail box to get the unfollower.

#2: Qwitter : This is an app that sends an email to you as soon as someone follows you. The best part is that you also get the details of the tweet that you post just before the person unfollowed you.

#3: Goodbye, Buddy : Follow @goodbyebuddy on twitter. You’ll have to go to the person’s website once a day to check who unfollowed you.

#4: Lost a follower : Same as Qwitter, you’ll have to sign up by twitter username and email id. It will send the email to your email id.

#5: TwittaQuitta : It sends you email of who unfollowed you on twitter.

#6: Twittdiff: It allows you to have email or RSS notification of the fellow that unfollowed you on twitter.

#7: Unfollowers me: This twitter application lets you know about who unfollowed you by email and you will be required to sign up by twitter. @unfollowersme

So, these were some of the ways to keep track on who unfollowed you. That data might be important. But where its most important is when you are expecting to increase your presence from twitter. Or when you are marketing your product to twitter. It is important, and it is cool to have a track of your followers.

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