5 Tips before you use WordPress for Designing your site

Word press is a renowned content management system that many of the companies and people are using for designing and managing their websites in an easy and convenient way. Word press permits the user to organize and produce content on the website much more easily, gets more traffic, and provides various other advantages. No matter which design or layout you choose for your website, following are helpful ways that will make you grab more out of the word press.

Pay focus on the layout

It is highly important that you put yourself in the user’s shoe when working on the layout design. Never think like a webmaster, think like a user. You have to create user friendly layout design. Keep in mind the population for which the website is created. Determine the number of sidebar and decide about the style of navigation that whether it would be horizontal or vertical. Also, decide the locations on which you are going to place advertisements.

Color scheme

Color scheme is one of the most significant aspects of designing your website. Black, white and gray are the most common colors now days. Always choose light background colors, and choose darker and brighter colors for the text. Keep in view the nature of website and choose color scheme accordingly. If you are designing a fashion related website, then won’t be choosing white or grey colors but must choose bright lush colors like pink, red, yellow and orange.

 Post layout

Make sure that the layout for all of the posts on your website remains same. The font style, color, and spacing must be kept identical. Keep the titles bold and highlighted with larger size fonts. Do not let the Meta information cover the content of your post. You can experiment with the style and fonts of the titles. Keep spacing and visibly clear difference between each of your posts. The readers should not make an effort on where one post ends and where the next starts.

Pay attention to sidebars

Sidebars at your website must be designed in an appropriate manner. You don’t need to make use of all the widgets in your sidebar. The less is always more. Always ask yourself that how a particular widget will add value to your website. Do not overuse widgets. Add only those which might be helpful for the user at you page. Sidebars cluttered with widgets will confuse the readers and they are likely to withdraw.

 The form layout

Lay out the forms in a simple yet unique manner to enhance the conversion rate that will increase the rate of traffic at your website. Work to make your forms more user friendly. A good web form will deliver a better user experience.

Word press is not all difficult to comprehend and operate. It is one of the most user friendly content management system ever launched. Before you start using word press, plan on the above mentioned aspects so that you can use word press more appropriately.

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