The Exceptional Christmas Apps for Kids

christmas apps for kids

Christmas is a festive time for children. Some exceptional apps for kids can bring a smile on your child’s face. The world of the Internet is full of such applications.  However, this apps list will guide you to choose the best suited app.

A Charlie Brown Christmas:

There are many good Christmas e-book available, but Charles Schultz’ classic Christmas tale has come with the timeless quality, which spans the gap of generations. It has a wonderful balance between the homage and digital accessibility. It is not just for kids but the nostalgic parents can also enjoy.

The high production value, interesting in-app interactions and the original voice of Charlie Brown has made this app a wonderful gift for the children. It is also a handy tool to introduce the beloved Christmas story to the new generation.

Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure:

Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure is the good news for all its fans, now they can enjoy the adventurous zest of this game in a Christmas way. You will find some interesting characters in this game, there are ample ways to interact with the application. The app features all the fun like attractive story line and the dance with Santa. The parents can also use this app for educational purpose; it provides the fun environment in which the children can pick up a little Spanish.

Elmo’s Monster Maker:

Celebrities can make the kids go wild. Sometimes the wee ones may not recognize the likes of the pro athletes, rock stars and the President, but many of them will squeal with joy at watching the Elmo, well-known red Muppet. The same is the case with the Elmo’s Monster Maker. This app does not only bring the likeness of the Elmo but it also infuses with his personality and the humor. There are lots of Christmas themed features available for decorating your monster. You will get the real joy of hearing the Elmo’s commentary and also watching him getting to interact with the monster.

Talking Santa for iPad HD:

There is no doubt that the biggest Christmas celebrity is Santa himself. This application provides you different ways to interact with him. This application allows you to talk to Santa. How you can miss tickling the Santa? Here you will get that.

Santa’s Christmas Village:

The theme of this game applies the holiday packaging to classic games like, Checkers, memory and the Sudoku, which allows you to explore a frosty campus. You have to perform 17 different activities with the help of 25 Christmas tunes.

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