Make Money with Twitter

Make money with Twitter

Make Money with Twitter

Twitter is emerging as one of the best social networking website that is gaining popularity among all age groups. It is a great platform to share your points, view and ongoing thoughts. Twitter is becoming a trend which is getting followed with same enthusiasm by celebrities and common people.

Well you must not be untouched by the Twitter usage and its popularity but there is one thing that most of the Twitter users are still not much aware of. Yes, this secret is Twitter’s power to provide you many money making opportunities. Many of the readers would be wondering that how Twitter can make money for them. Well this post is going to explain you some really wonderful ways which can give you an extra and easy source of income.

Affiliated Marketing

If you are having a great followers or fans associated with your Twitter account then affiliate marketing is the best way to choose for making some great bucks. For this you need to join affiliate programs and then start sharing the affiliate products links and referral links among your followers and I’ve seen it that if you are having good connection with your followers then they will surely buy the product which they will find interesting without questioning the reliability.

Make money with Twitter

Some useful tips to successful affiliate marketing on Twitter

  1. Big number of followers means more chances to sales
  2. Join the best affiliate programs
  3. Choose Products that are high in demand in general life
  4. Authorize your Twitter account

Pay Per Click Services for Twitter

There are a number of paying services which are getting really popular among twitter users for making money. These services will provide you the same mechanism as that of Pay-Per-Click. Most of these services will pay you some certain amount when someone click on the associated link shared on your profile.

Some of the most popular PPC services that can be used on Twitter for making money include:

1.)  Sponsored Tweets

This is a very popular ad service for Twitter accounts and permits you to set custom Price per click for the ads that are tweeted by you. Sponsored Tweets provides choice for either CPC (Cost Per Click) or (Cost Per Tweet).

2.)  MyLikes
This is one another wide-spread platform for making money using Twitter along with Tumblr, your blog, YouTube etc. You will be having option to choose from a number of advertisers and you can get a decent amount on each click and payment on weekly basis.

3.) RevTwt
RevTwt is totally a PPC service for Twitter. Greater will be the number of followers more will be your chances of having access to higher paying advertisements. There is minimum payout of $20 which can be withdrawn using a Paypal account.

There are some more similar services which can generate a decent earning for you like, Tweetad, TwitPub, Be A Magpie.

Sponsored Contests

Since Twitter is rising as a great social media platform, so businesses also started taking it more seriously for promoting their services and products. There are a number of businesses that open contest and pay the Twitter users for giving suggestions and feedback about their services and products.

Direct Marketing and Advertisement

If you have a large fan following on twitter then this method can really rock for you. You simply need to display and promote a direct link on your profile so as to make your followers to opt for that particular product.

So this is the time to utilize your well developed Twitter profile to earn a good deal of extra income. Don’t underestimate these opportunities specially if you have a wide network of Twitter followers. Try now and feel this great power of Twitter on your own!

Now if you have a Great Fan Base, start Earning money with Twitter.

Author bio : This is a guest post from Saif, who is SEO expert and web designer at Web Design company in Austin.


  1. For me sponsored tweets worked very well. I have a twitter account with more than 10k followers so it attracts advertisers for sponsored tweets.
    ReTweets are also fine but paying bit less amount as compared to sponsored tweets, what you say?

  2. People nowadays found so many ideas in order to make money out of there usual ideas. Good thing that you have shared these topic that can help them in order to get another knowledgeable idea to make money.

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