Create A Matrix Binary Code Texture in Photoshop


You must have seen the green texture with binary digits in Matrix the movie. Well, if you are willing to use a texture like that in your images but couldn’t find a good one for the background, here is a tutorial to create and design a similar texture in Adobe Photoshop. Please remember that this will not create the exact texture but using the color combinations, it will generate a texture giving the feel of the same matrix texture.

What you need :

  • Adobe Photoshop [Any Version]
  • Some Basic Skills

To proceed designing the texture, follow the steps below :

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Go to File > New and create a new blank image with equal desired dimensions.
  3. Using the paint bucket tool, select a color similar to “Dark Green” or color which you feel is similar to the color of matrix texture. You can experiment with different shades of dark green color to get a perfect shade.
  4. Now, Go to Filter (as in Adobe Photoshop CS4).
  5. Under “Texture” context menu, click on “Grain”.
  6. Now, Edit the “Intensity” Level to ‘89’.
  7. Change the “Contrast” level to ‘72’.
  8. Select the “Grain Type” as  “Vertical”.
  9. You can experiment with the Contrast and Intensity level as per your requirement.
  10. Click “OK” button and wait for the filter to be applied on the image.
  11. You will see a texture like the one provided below:

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