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facebook lightbox

Today, most of the internet users or ‘Netizens’, as they like to be called, have their own blog. People want their voice to be heard. People want others to read and listen to what they have to say about anything. Blogs provide the platform for all those Internet savvy people to write their article, to give a voice to their opinions. In this competitive world, everyone wants their blog to be read first. So, in order to, attract viewers there are certain tricks that can be applied to your blog.

What is Lightbox?

Facebook like Lightbox is nothing but a pop-up window that has the primary purpose to get a Facebook ‘like’ for the corresponding blog’s Facebook page. There are many ways to generate traffic for a particular blog. Consequently, there are many ways to get ‘likes’ for a Facebook page. You can ask your friends via chat to like your page. You can incorporate a Facebook plug-in so that the Facebook ‘like’ button appears on your blog website. Clicking on that ‘like’ button on your blog would increase the likes of your corresponding Facebook page. But, the most fruitful way is to generate a pop-up window the moment people visit your website. This ensures that people will see that ‘like’ option for your page. Most of the time people click on that ‘like’ button just to close that window.

facebook lightbox

Installing and using the plug-in

The most rewarding way to add that Facebook like Lightbox is using the WP plug-in. This plug-in is introduced by the Facebook page promoter group. The plug-in is absolutely free of cost and extremely useful. This plug-in really helps to generate more fans for your Facebook page from the pool of followers or visitors of your blog. One simply needs to download the plug-in and provide some little details to get the plug-in running on the blog. There are certain IDs that are allocated by Facebook for each page. You just need to provide the ID of your page that you want more fans of.

The purpose of the WP plug-in

Following the above procedure, the Facebook like Lightbox can be easily added to your blog. The WP plug-in provides many customization options too. At the time of installation, you would have the option to choose a certain page of your blog where you want the Lightbox window to appear. When the Facebook like Lightbox appears, the actual page gets shoved in the background. A thin veil-like effect will appear on the actual page and the page becomes disabled. The actual page gets enabled only when the visitors ‘like’ you Facebook page or just close the Lightbox window.

As it is mentioned, a lot of times, people do not see the close button of the Lightbox window. So, they generally end up ‘liking’ the page in order to close the window and check the actual page that is in the background under the veiled effect. Hence, it can be seen that the Facebook like Lightbox is immensely significant tool to generate more fans of a Facebook page.

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