What Makes a you Good Designer?


Finding a good designer for any design project can be a challenge. Whether you want to design a website or redesign an entire office, there are hundreds of different designers to choose from. One of the main advantages to hiring a designer is the air of professionalism they can bring to a space. Professional designers tend to have an eye for things that other people do not, and they can pull a room (or website) together in a way that highlights the best features of that space.

However, not all designers are good at what they do. Some people fall into designing because they somehow end up there, not because they are talented. If you want to ensure you hire the best designer for the job, make sure that your potential designers meet the following criteria before you agree to let them complete your design. Even if a designer has a good eye, if they fail in other areas, they still may not be the right fit for your project.

Skilled designs

Obviously, the first thing you should look at is the skill of the designer. Most designers have a portfolio outlining their best design projects. Depending on the type of design project, the designer may have website photos or hard-copy pictures of past designs. Certain designers may also have blueprints and color swatches from previous designs as well. Choose a designer that has the qualities that you are looking for. Make sure you choose someone that matches the feel of the space that you want for your unique space. The best designer in the world that does not have the same style taste as you will still produce work that you are unhappy with in the end.


Understanding of trends

Design trends come and go, and if your designer does not keep up with the trends, then your space will look behind the times. Although it is fine to have a few older elements in your design space, if there is nothing modern and new to break up and old-fashioned look your space will look stuffy and out-of-touch. A good designer should keep up with the current trends in art, colors, materials, and other elements that help a space look modern and pulled together. A modern design says to customers and visitors that you care about keeping up with the world today and are in touch with the realities of today’s world.

Communication skills

One problem that can occur with some designers, and especially web designers, is that they seem to be unable to communicate with you once the project is started. Open communication between you and your designer is important to ensure that the designer creates a look that you want. Some designers want to do everything their own way without consulting you along the way, which in the end, can lead to disaster. Always try to choose a designer that will work with you every step of the way to create a space that you can be proud of.

Shared goals

A designer that has the same shared goals as you will be more likely to create a space that you love. This trait goes along with the communication trait, but if a designer gets to know you and your tastes, then he or she can look for pieces and design elements that can achieve the look you want. It is important to communicate a clear goal for the design to prevent disaster. Art consultancy is one area where a shared goal is important, otherwise you could end up with a wildly different art scheme than you wanted.

When you find a good designer, it is important to handle the situation properly. Make sure you communicate your trust to the designer. Don’t question every decision they make. However, it is also important to communicate your dislikes and likes honestly. Periodically check in on the work to ensure that the designer is moving in the direction you want. You don’t want to waste the designer’s time if you are going to dislike the current direction of the project.

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  1. To become a great designer, we need to be more competent when we are making different designs. Other than that, we should also know that whenever we make designs, we must also think inspiration that can help us.

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