5 Most Useful Online Tools for Web Developers

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Top 5 Most Useful Online Tools for Web Developers

Online tools exist for the sole purpose of making the lives of web developers easier. Even professional developers can sometimes be daunted by the thought of building a website. With the use of online tools, developers are spared the task of dealing with all the coding and relevant acronyms that are a part of the web design process. Whether they are free or cost a bit, these tools not only make life easier, but they also allow the user to develop more professional websites. Here are some of the best online tools for web developers that can help you get the job done.

1. Redmine

This is a free project management application and is a fantastic alternative to other pricey apps. From tracking the time, to creating Gantt charts and calendars, this app does just about everything a web developer could desire. The finish is not as polished as that produced by more expensive project management apps, but it does a great job. Other aspects of its functions include allowing you to manage your projects simultaneously as well as defining personal roles then assigning tasks to the relevant team members, if necessary.

Web Developer

2. Creately

Available both as a free and a paid application, Creately‘s function is to facilitate collaborative diagramming on the web. The app allows team members to collaborate so they can get the task of diagramming done easier, more efficiently and faster. Creately supports many types of diagrams, focuses on Web Wireframes as well as Sitemaps and page flows. 

3. Spritebox

This WYSIWYG tool helps web designers create CSS classes and IDs using a single sprite image. The different areas of the sprite image that will be used are aligned into the block elements on the webpage being worked on. This alignment is done through the use of the background position. The Spritebox function is made possible through the combination of CSS3, JQuery, and HTML5. The app is free and is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. 

4. BrowserShots

This app is free, easy to use and very straightforward. It is used for assessing the appearance of your website in the various browsers. The process involves the entering of a website’s URL, selecting the browsers you want to have tested, then hitting the submit button. You will be presented with screenshots of the selected browsers. Selectable features for fine-tuning your search options include screen size and color depth. You also have the option of enabling or disabling Java, JavaScript, and Flash.

5. IconFinder

Web designers will find this app especially useful when they need to search for web icons. This online resource tool allows designers to search for thousands of web icons through the use of keywords. They can also browse the icons by sets and tags. IconFinder takes the hassle out of finding icons and makes it even easier by giving web designers the option of filtering the results based on the size of the icon, and the color of the background. They can also download the icon of their choice by simply making one click in ICO or PNG format.

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