The Top 5 Android Music Players

Android Music

The Top 5 Android Music Players

With android phones getting popular day by day it is becoming very important to improvise all the applications present in it. One of the most important applications is the music players. With people becoming more prone to music and videos there is an increasing need of new and updated media players for androids as the pre installed one is quite a lackluster.

Here is the list of the top five Media Player applications for android phones:-

  • Double Twist Media Player

Twist Media Player is a place where you can get all that you want. It’s like the magic bag solution for all your requirements. The interesting feature includes:

  1. Easy sync of music and videos using the double twist facility.
  2. Importing iTunes music playlist, play counts and music ratings from Mac or PC to your phone.
  3.   Unique feature is to subscribe podcast without actually requiring the podcasts. This can be downloaded directly through wi-fi networks.
  4. Another interesting feature of this application is its ability to stream videos, music and images directly from the Apple TV or XBOX or PS3.
  5. The free downloading feature makes it all the more desirable to the people but of course some additional features may be present on purchase of it. 
  • Meridian Media Player

This media player takes pride of being the most user –friendly media player application. The present of a basic interface makes it easier to use it. The features of this application includes:-

  1. The presence of PlayQ makes it very easy to make playlist for both music and videos. Moreover the whole folders can be included in the playlist.
  2. The control and regulation is also very easy and simple
  3. It also enables to include specific folders from SD card with the help of in-app folder management system. This makes it more easy to use.
  4. The application can be downloaded directly from the Google Play store making it easily accessible.
  • Power Amp Music Player

The USP of this media player is its sleek look which makes it very attractive and trendy and makes it one of the most popular media players in the Google Playstore.

The features include:

  1. Detection of multiple formats which includes mp3, flac, wav etc.
  2. Lyrics can also be supported in this application and shows on requirement.
  3. The control of treble and bass is easier as it has separate control for each.
  4. Optimization of 10 band graphical equalizer is another interesting feature of this application.
  5. Customization is very much upgraded in this application

Android Music

  • Winamp  

The most popular media player is the WinAmp is all set with the new feature and yet remains user-friendly. The features of this are:-

  1. Music is free as well as the ShoutCast radio.
  2. Play queue control is very easy as well as managing the playlist.
  3. It also gives artist information and news
  4. The  most attractive feature is that the Wireless syncing is free
  • Mixzing  Media player

If you really want a unique Media Player for your Android phone then MixZing is the one choice for you. The features of this application are:-

  • Automatic display of the lyrics is one of the attractive features
  • Listening sessions can be customized
  • The music player can be controlled even when the phone is locked.
  • Sleep timing facility that wakes you up at the right time.

From the above lists you can make your choice which meets your requirement and enjoy the music on your Android phones. 

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