The Opportunities of Niche Blogging


The opportunities are wide open, because we are all exposed to some sort of niche that we know better than any other – even if your most prominent niche is yourself. Every autobiography written is niche writing. That writing’s niche is the writer. So even if you do not know about aerodynamics, cooking or java programming, you still know all about you, so why not start with that.

Niche blogging for you

If you are not sure what niche to start with then maybe start with a blog about yourself. You can make it about your day, your family, your happy times, your struggle or your observations on life. Every aspect of your life has one key element. That key element is your perspective. It is a key element because you are the only one who experiences it.

Have you ever seen an event take place, maybe a fight or a car crash, and you know what happened, but everybody else says it happened a slightly different way. For example, when you saw your first fight at school – did you see the fight and see two scared boys, or did you see one boy “kick the others ass” like all your school friends said they did? Your perspective on any situation can be written about within a blog.

Your observations for niche blogging

Maybe you do not want your blog to be as self indulgent as writing only about you and your life. So moving slightly away from that subject you could try writing about your observations in life. We all see stuff that makes us think, but we keep these thoughts to ourselves. You don’t have to! Some wrongs in this world need to be spoken about. There are some rights in this world that cannot be ignored.

Your blog may not get you a place on CNN, but your observations will make a difference (even if it only a small difference). Do you think it is cruel how Muslim halal meat is made by slitting the throats of fully awake (un-stunned) sheep and hanging them upside down until they die?

Do you think it is wrong that people who are fighting for your freedom should be denied a decent job when they leave the military? Do you want to express how the TV show South Park occasionally has a social message we can learn from? Do you want to tell people that Marshal Mathers III is just an entertainer and not a real criminal?

The world is full of topics that you can make observations on. YOUR observations and opinions can be your own niche.

Your Job

You do your job for a large part of your life. You should learn a few things during your years of labor. Put these things into your blog. Your niche can be your job. If your blog runs for long enough it could turn into a historic record of how your industry has changed. It may even turn into a chronicle of what you learned as you rise through the ranks of your business.

Your Profession

You must have some skills that you learn to do your job, be they welding skills or customer service skills. Most niches are based around some sort of profession. Your niche can be based on your profession. You have the added benefit of learning something new each week, so that you have material to add to your blog.

Your blog could be on nursing, where one week a person with severe hepatitis seems to be aided by large intakes of chopped spinach. You could be a delivery driver who noticed last week that the roads on the south side of your town are falling into disrepair faster than the ones in the north. Your profession has filled you with insider knowledge.

Your niche blogging could be based around that. You do not need to be a guru or pioneer in the subject. You are simply adding your knowledge into the pool of human knowledge.

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