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How to blog

Almost everyone in today’s world is blogging, why not you? Well, if this is your first time you are hearing of the word blog, you are in the right place. You will learn how to create a blog, the benefits of having one as well as some mistakes to avoid when creating a blog.


Benefits of Blogging

The common objective of everyone who wants to create a blog is to make money.  Blogging has many other benefits like:

  • Gives you a chance of interacting and connecting with other business partners whom you share the same interests and ideas
  • Your customers will have a chance to view your brand or name
  • Share knowledge with others
  • Connect with customers and fans
  • Acquire writing skills
  • A chance to reach to the public and share burning issues
  • Share your experience with close friends in your life


Mistakes to Avoid

With these tips, you will gather here, you will benefit in all the above benefits of blogging:

  1. How to select the best blogging platform. Select custom domain if you want long-term branding, help in escaping branding issues and avoid SEO. Go online and get some guide on how to go about it
  2. You should stick to a specific. Concentrate on one topic in your blog. Always come up with new ideas instead of boring your blog viewers with one story today and tomorrow
  3. Reading – You should not create a blog and keeps it dormant. Always make sure you come up with engaging topics that will encourage your blog viewers to contribute to your debate. If possible, subscribe to the leading blogs and you will find some skills about blogging
  4. Invest some time learning how to use search engines and learn some basic. This is a nice idea instead of learning from everyday mistakes.


How do you Start Blogging?

Now that you have known some of the mistakes bloggers do, maybe the other question you might be having is how or where to start. If that is what is going through your mind, the truth is that you can get many online services that can guide you. Here is how you go about it:

  • First step to start is to create an account and sign up
  • Then choose a template from the many that you can find online.
  • Finally, you can get started with posting comments and share with other business people.

 Qualities of a Good Blog :

Writing a blog requires you to meet some standards to attract traffic. Here are some qualities:

  • Do not make your blog too long. Coming up with a long blog will not attract many viewers
  • Make the paragraphs in your blog as short as possible
  • Try using bullets to accommodate skimmers and make the reading work easy
  • Highlight key point. One thing you should know is that online readers do not have the whole day searching for information. Thus you should use bold or make your blog in such a way that attract them
  • Make your blog’s tone conversational. If possible you can use first language
  • Include links that will direct readers to other sites

Once you have fulfilled the above qualities, you need to keep your blog going.

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