Keeping Up With Changes in SEO – 3 Tips That Work Right Now


Optimizing a website for the search engines is one of the most critical steps that a webmaster or blogger needs to take in order to remain relevant in the blogging world. If you want your target audience to find you on the internet, no doubt you will need to employ the best white hat search engine optimization techniques that will give you the rankings that you need to get good exposure. There are thousands of millions of websites today, most of which are within the same niche as yours, meaning that chances of your target audience finding you online are quite slim, unless you optimize your website.

Search engine optimization, just like the internet in general, is rapidly evolving. The SEO techniques that were relevant a few months ago are no longer relevant. This is largely attributed to the latest search engine updates and the new technological advancements that ensure the latest optimization techniques are in line with the latest demands. A good webmaster is one who keeps up with the changes in search engine optimization. Here are 3 general tips that work today and which every webmaster worth his name should employ in order to remain effective and relevant in the market.


1.    Attract Natural Popularity by Going  Social 

Today, search engine optimization is rapidly becoming social media optimization. Most search results today in the search engines will feature results of the social media networks, namely Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. The best thing with social media networks is that it helps promote good sites and relevant content very fast, thus allowing you a great opportunity to attract natural rankings and links.


2.    Ensure you Fix all Broken Links

It goes without saying that broken links make a website not only messy but also less effective, both for your target audience as well as the search engines. For starters, the search engines will give your website a low quality link profile hence your authority levels will significantly be compromised. On the other hand, your hard-earned traffic will prefer to go to your competitors where they can find all that they need and be redirected to other equally relevant pages without much of a hassle.

3.    Make the Most Out of Guest Blogging

As any successful webmaster will tell you, the most effective way to build links on the internet is through guest blogging. This will give you great exposure free of charge. While at it, you might want to ensure you guest blog for authority websites or blogs, especially those that have already commanded a good following on your niche. You also want to ensure your guest posts are not only unique but also very informative.

Panda and penguin updates have overlooked most of the optimization techniques that used to work wonders before. It is time webmasters put into consideration what their target audience really want and ultimately what the search engine bots will find “rank-able” and natural. Once you tweak your site with your target audience in mind, you can rest assured that you will remain relevant throughout even amidst technological changes.

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