Imperative Designing Tips for Bloggers


Blogging is no longer regarded as a past-time activity, but a paying profession. If you have an active blog, the chances of making thousands of dollars from advertisement and guest blogging are high. Therefore, if you are one of the people who are considering blogging as a profession, you will find this article quite an interesting read. Listed herein, are a couple of essential blogging tips that you need to be aware of:

#1: Customize your templates

When it comes to effective blogging, there is nothing like original templates. Every template that you come across is a variation. Hence, rather than building something from scratch, you can simply customize it. When customizing your templates, start with the banners since they’ll be the first things that visitors will see. When designing a banner, take into consideration the niche of your blog.

#2: Modify the icons on the templates

As is the case with templates, icons are usually available for free. Hence, the next thing that you need to do after customizing your banner is to change the icons on the sidebar. On the hand, you can choose to remove the icons and remain with white space.

#3: Ensure that blog post titles are formatted to H1

One of the reasons why bloggers are encouraged to use H1 formatting on blog post titles is because they are search engine friendly. Since your aim is to rank high in market leading search engines, it is critical that you take this SEO tip into consideration.

#4: Add hyperlinks to your logo and blog title

When an online user clicks on your blog title or logo, they should be able to access your home page. Linking your blog title and logo to the home page is usually done for SEO purposes. Then again, this is normally done to enhance usability. Do not forget to add ALT plus Title traits to the home page.


#5: Design a logo

Rather than using plain words for blog title, opt for an image which will provide your banner with the much needed professional appearance. Whereas a number of online users will not be able to remember your blog’s name, they’ll be able to recall your logo.


#6: Description should come before the blog name

This principle not only applies to blog titles, but blog posts. One of the mistakes that majorities of greenhorn bloggers keep making is placing blog titles before descriptions. Unknown to them is that when searching for information online users often look for particular keywords and not the name of the blog. In respect to SEO, this is a crucial factor.

#7: RSS Feeds

While RSS feeds are crucial, you need to place them on top and bottom of each template. Utilize a striking image for this purpose.

In addition to the above, you need to minimize the use of widgets. Excessive use of widgets only functions in making your blog look cluttered, untidy and slow. This can be a huge disadvantage since most people do not like slow loading websites. Do not forget to make your blog appear bigger.

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