How to: Play Android Games on PC

play android games on computer

Play Android Games on PC

Android has taken the pleasure and the thrill to play games on mobile to an altogether to a different level. What has replaced the age old portable playstation is Android gaming applications. In fact, even new innovations are also being added continually to make the experience of playing games on mobile a very realistic one. Some mobile phones have been so devised that it can even support few hi-tech games that has the feature of even 3D gaming. The tablets and Samsung mobile has been manufacturing such android enabled mobile phones which also is a big hit in the market. It’s a very interesting thing to note that the games which were thought to be restricted and maximum beneficial over computers have taken a complete turnaround and people are interested more and more to play android games in windows. To be realistic to this wish, first of all it should be made clear that all android games cannot be played in Windows. However few popular games have been designed or rather re-designed in such a way so as to enable it to work on Windows. The world’s most favourite and downloadable game, i.e. Angry Birds is now also available for Windows and even Google Chrome also has this game in its store.

play android games on computer

However the games which have been strictly reserved for Android, but still can be played on computer with the help of software named- BlueStack- an Emulator for Android. Earlier YouWave could also have been used but this software has been removed from freely downloadable category and has been moved into the chargeable one. Thus BlueStack is software that is absolutely free of cost and allows one to enjoy the gaming session.


Basically, BlueStack is a software that provides the system the environment to run the Android games on personal computers. In order to have fun, one must take the little pain of following such steps:

1)      The BlueStack latest version needs to be downloaded, post which the executable file should be run. Thereby installing the software
2)      After successfully downloading the software the computer would automatically re-boot itself and after the computer has been re-started the software would be available for use.
3)      By double clicking on the BlueStack icon and thereafter going into its search option, one may find various games available for installation.
4)      The whole process of downloading and installing the game might take a few minutes, however they say “patience is the key to success”. After the installation is completed successfully, one has the leisure of playing games like Angry Birds and Temple Run, to name a few. And that too with the help of the mouse and keyboard


However one must keep in mind that in order to support these games a very powerful computer would be required in terms of its memory, RAM and graphics card. Moreover these games need to be played with multi-controls which might involve a combination of mouse keys and keyboards.

And, That’s It ! Now you can play Android games on your Computer 🙂


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  1. have you tried the BlueStack software on Windows 8? My experience with Windows 8 + BlueStack is worst. Literally. It gets hang and become almost non responsive most of time. Appreciating if you can suggest me any other software too. BlueStack is working fine on Windows 7. 🙂

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