Graphic Designing Rules: You can’t ignore them

Graphic Design

When working as a designer in the field of graphic designer, you ought to follow some rules and regulations. Obviously, rules are meant to be broken. You can diverge from the rules, add a bit of yours, and create a unique blend of design. But in order to be a professional in the field, you can never afford to ignore the basic rules that are observed and followed by the majority in the field.

Following are some of the most important rules that must be followed when working and making projects in the field of graphic designing

1. Begin with a concept

If your design has no philosophy behind it, and conveys nothing useful to the audience, then it would be a shame to call it a graphic design. No matter what you are designing, have a basic underlying concept around which to design the whole thing. Without a concept, it might look good but will be of no use for the general audience.

2. The communication factor

 It means you have to add certain factors and effects to the design that helps to convey the message behind the design. But adding a bulk of items and additional fancy stuff, you might spoil the true essence of the design. Add only those items and details that help to communicate the concept to the audience. If you just spread the items over without any rhythm or sync, the design would not deliver any meaningful message and what people will see would be called a BIG CHAOS!

Graphic Design

3. Unity among various items in a design

Try to make all the elements linked to each other in some respect. Create a kind of harmony among the different elements of the design. An effective design is the one in which every element reinforce the other. And even if one element goes out of place, the whole design loses life and the pattern gets meaningless.

4. Do not use more than two types of fonts

If you have to include text in your design, make sure that you select preferably one type of text.  If the design demands different types of fonts, then do not settle for more than two font styles. Different font types create distraction.

5. Choose colors carefully :

Do not keep adding colors to the design randomly. Every color has significance and carry a meaning. This significance and meaning of a color is different among different regions and colors. Colors largely affect the meaning and concept of the design. It’s the color that gives life to a design. Chose colors that are appropriate for the design and enhance the meaning and overall idea of the design rather than making it so loud that it irritates the viewer’s eye.

6. The minimalism concept

The famous notion in the graphic designing field in the modern day is “THE LESS IS MORE”. Keep things to a limit. Do not overdo designing. Add minimum useful items. Cut down the unnecessary details, leave white spaces at regular intervals. Keep the design simple yet attractive and soothing to the eyes.

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