Graphic Designing Essentials for every Beginner Designer

Graphic Design2

Everyone makes use of graphic designing daily for both personal, professional and commercial assignments and projects. Modern day Graphic Designing has become much easier with tools, applications and programs that come with use friendly interface. One can avail various online services and facilities to give a professional touch to their designing projects. Now you can design graphics for invitations cards, greeting cards, business cards, clothes, school-work, art assignments, presentation slides, photos, and for many more tasks right at your desktop. Professional graphic designers have got many technical, high cost fancy programs and applications and expertise that make them stand at a higher pedestal. But following useful steps and principles, one can design graphics with an artistic touch.

Graphic Design2

Some essentials for designing graphics like a professional



Whether its color combination, style, theme, a consistency should be observed throughout the design. The colors, headings, text, fonts and everything else in your project should be consistent with each other making the design run in a flow. Text and font should be kept similar in the whole document. Use different text or font just to highlight something important. Keep the same style each time you want to highlight something in your design.


Graphic Design

Begin with a limited range of colors. Work with maximum 2 or 3 colors in line with each other at the start. Do not play with more colors. Working with these colors, create dark and light shades in your design. Working in this manner, your overall design will look more consistent. You can use a particular color for emphasizing a specific detail. Always keep in mind that some programs and applications have colors that are highly saturated and bright by default. Make sure you change the settings to make the colors darker and less bright to make designs more attractive.

 Text and fonts

As with colors, you should use 1 or 2 types of fonts and styles. They must be distinct from each other. If you use different and different kinds of texts or fonts, use it only for the highlighting purpose. Within the same design, avoid using more than one style of font and text to avoid confusion and chaos. It is not obligatory to use every style of font you have over your system.


Make a heading or a symbol the center of attention in your design. Above that most prominent element, place items that are less catchy but yet strong. It makes the overall document and easy much clear and easily understandable by the viewer.

PriorityIt will make the important elements in the design to stand out calling for more attention. You can place much attractive things in the start or end of the design to make the design more highlighted

 Spacing and page borders

Leave enough empty spaces in your designs. It can make your design more readable and clear. Overly designed projects and pages confuse the viewers in understand the underlying message in the design. Keep similar things together at one place and leave sufficient spaces between items. Adding borders around various items in your design layouts can make it more prominent. But do not add more borders as it can reduce the visibility of minor details in the design.

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