Different Options of Blogging You Must Look Into


Blogging is done in different ways and venues. If you have passion in writing anything that will provide useful information to readers or viewers, then you have the edge to do blogging. It is the cheapest option of publishing information and at the same time blogger can take advantage in getting a free domain name, free hosting as well as in maintaining and updating their blogs.


  • Mobile blogging

The popularity of the blog provides convenient access to readers through the mobile blogging. This type of blogging is done by posting a blog through mobile devices. However, it is only applicable if the mobile device has internet access.  The development in mobile technology has made mobile blogging more popular though it is still new. Likewise, the Internet has enabled bloggers to post their blogs anywhere.  Internet users can share and connect information anytime as long as the device has internet access and signal.

  • Advantages of Mobile blogging

Many bloggers are attracted to use mobile blogging due to its convenience. Through the internet-based interface it is a lot easier uploading text, video and images into a blog. Likewise, anyone can use the blogging platforms available on the internet even without technical knowledge. Through the help of the blogging platforms writing the post and publishing has made simpler.

Another advantage of mobile blogging is that sharing information in a faster way. In mobile blogging there is no need to use a laptop or computer with internet access in posting the blog. This means that posting the blog is as simple as sending a text message and delays can be avoided. That is why it is possible to post a blog anytime and anywhere you may be.

In addition, this method can save you money as you need not subscribe from internet provider. It also allows you to post your blog without spending big amount of money to access the internet. It is because you can take advantage with the Wi-Fi services available in your location. Thus, it is the cheapest option of blogging.

  • Anonymous blogging

Anonymous blogging is done if the author wants to hide his identity. This type of blogging is one way of disclosing not only the name but also the blogging styles.  Just like mobile blogging, the availability of blogging tools has simplified the process of blogging. Unlike any other types of blogs, anonymous blogging is typically short to moderate length of articles that are published daily or weekly basis.

Participating in anonymous blogging can spare the writer from confrontation especially those bloggers that are expressing negative thoughts to individuals or companies. However, make sure not to say damaging and false information otherwise you will be legally liable for what you have done.

Indeed, blogging is one way of expressing your thought about anything that is relevant to other people. On the other hand, it is important to ensure that the information will be useful and not damaging to others. Make sure that you have deep knowledge about the topics you are discussing.

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