Samsung Galaxy S3 Power User Tips


With a record sales count of over 9 million units worldwide (and still counting), Samsung Galaxy S3 has indeed become one of the must have gadgets of the year. The flagship product from Samsung that rolled out in May, 2012, became a rage instantly with its release and received equal positive acclamations from critics and consumers.

By now, it’s quite obvious that we are familiar with most of its overwhelming features, but, less do we know about its hidden functionalities. So, check out the following points to get an insight of S3’s hidden or lesser known features, if you wish to become a power user.

A simple way to call:

Utilizing the touch screen keypad or contacts to call a person may seem a bit outdated in front of S3’s advanced calling features. The device’s motion control feature allows the user to automatically make a call by bringing the phone near his ears, while viewing a contact. Also, the phone’s voice control option allows the user to automatically reject and receive calls by speech. And, if you still want to touch your screen and perform call related tasks, just move the person’s contact screen to the right to make a call and to the left to send a message. As simple as that!

s3Check out who’s trying to reach you in stealth:

Assigning a different ringer tone to know recognize the caller is a convenient option, but what if our phone needs to be on a silent mode. What if you want to check out who is trying to reach you, when the phone is in mute? Samsung Galaxy S3 has saving option for this too! All you have to do is assign a different vibration pattern to your phone under the sounds tab. So, the next time the person tries to reach you, your phone will send out a vibration of a specified rhythm, with which you can easily recognize that caller.

Say Cheese, no, say shoot!

Every time we plan to take a clear and a steady picture of ourselves or the location, we end up taking pictures with a shake or a blur. But, that’s not an issue with Samsung Galaxy S3 as you can easily take pictures by controlling your camera with your voice. Assign the word with which you want to capture (under the camera settings tab) an image and start recording pictures by just telling out the assigned word, when you’re ready.

The phone recognizes the instruction instantly and takes a picture. This feature is of a massive advantage to Samsung as Siri lacks this capability in the iPhone. So, next time you intend to take a picture, just say out loud the voice instruction and capture a shake-free and a steady image!


Send them the location, where you are:

Samsung Galaxy S3 has features that allow the users to send the whereabouts of their exact location to the person over a message. This feature comes in handy, when the person whom you are going to meet or the person coming to meet you doesn’t know the exact location of the place. So, simply go to the compose message screen and select the maps of your preference under the locations tab and send it to your friend. Your friend will then receive a message about your location and will be able to reach you easily.

Thrust up that in-call volume level:

There are times, when the maximum volume level during a call seems insufficient to us. Due to certain disturbances, we hear a very low audio level from the speaker, which is quite hindering. But, Samsung Galaxy S3 has options to fix these issues! When you are on a call and feel the speaker volume is insufficient, just select that additional volume button that pops up adjacent to the contacts tab and increase it according to your preference. This should fix the trouble now and you will be able to hear a comparatively louder and clearer audio from the speaker.

Every morning don’t just get up – Wake up:

Waking up in the morning is one of the toughest tasks a human can ever face. But, believe it or not, Samsung S3 eliminates those weird feelings and lets you wake up with style. The briefing option under the alarm clock tab replaces the conventional alarm tones with voice-activated announcements from the phone.

The device’s voice based alarm notifies you on the weather conditions, news headlines, scheduled appointments and meetings and much more. This gives you an overview of the upcoming day and gives enough time to mentally prepare yourself accordingly. It may sound funny, but it has an impact!

So, these were some of the power user tips for Samsung Galaxy S3. These features are intended to simplify your tasks and offer additional convenience. So, if you have any such tips that you think is worth mentioning, share them through your comments below.


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