Must Follow Smartphone Security Tips

Smart phone security

Must Follow Smartphone Security Tips

In this modern era, a large number of people are using Smartphone rather than cell phones. More and more people are progressively inclining to use Smartphone owning to its great features. Smartphone has taken place of computers as well. Smartphone facilitate everything that we used to do on our computers. Such phones also facilitate using internet wherever you take it. Accordingly, people are trying to make their smartphones more and more secure so that they may not lose any important data or useful info. Here are three simple ways to guide you how to secure your Smartphone.

Smart phone security

Maneuvering the Operating System (OS)

The kinds of techniques to secure your Smartphone keep changing as per the operating system of your Smartphone. As an example, OS in Blackberry has the secured password start up aspect. You can enable this feature in general settings menu of Blackberry OS. In addition, in case you slightly forgot your password, this feature also includes the options to have some password attempts prior to unlocking the phone. You can set the number of attempts in OS setting.

Moreover, find the content protection tab in general setting, by which you will be able to choose the desired level of protection for your data. It usually ranges from 80 bits and 256 bits. It is very useful feature; however, you cannot see caller’s identity when phone is locked, because the address book is also integrated in the encrypted info. But, you will be able to set your encryption key, and it is recommended to change encryption code after some weeks.

Protecting Passwords

Protecting passwords can be very tough and tedious task for you, because it is not easy to recall a number of login names and perplexing passwords. Commonly, many people choose to store their login info in the browser, which is not the secured way at all, because somebody will be able to see login info repeatedly whenever he/she uses the phone. Therefore, a better option is to have the password keeper utility that secures all your password and associated info as encrypted data ensuring the security of your private data when someone else uses your phone.

Securing the Bluetooth

In most of the smart phones’ OS, the Bluetooth is constantly running, by default, which can cause a steady use up of battery, and leaves you vulnerable via other phones’ Bluetooth technology near you. To eliminate this problem, find the discoverable option in Bluetooth options menu and set this option to NO. Doing so, your Bluetooth is turned down and other Bluetooth technologies will not be able to trace your device. After that, set the security option to High and Encrypted (if your Bluetooth support it), with which you will be able to share info in encrypted form.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the tips you have shared. Well I think that the security tips will not only help Smartphone users but also gives great ideas in securing their phones. Thanks for sharing it.

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