Five Reasons to Hold Out for the iPhone 5

iPhone 5

On September 12, just one day from now, Apple will host the media event the world has awaited since last year’s disappointing debut of the iPhone 4S.  At that time, everyone had expected Apple to introduce the iPhone 5.  No one was quite ready when the company produced a phone that looked identical to the iPhone 4, and its only major addition was the sadly incompetent virtual assistant, Siri.  Especially since, at the same time, Android devices were cropping up with major improvements in display technology (and size) and had far more choices to offer consumers in terms of OS customization.

Many people have waited the long months since then with patient curiosity, only to have their hopes shot down again by so called “leaked images” of the iPhone 5 making their way around the Web;  images featuring yet another iPhone 4 look-alike, only slightly taller and not as wide.  Most people who have been waiting on the iPhone 5 have hoped that it would be given a gloriously larger display size of at least 4.3″ in screen space, more along lines of Samsung’s Galaxy SIII.  Some even hoped for a Galaxy Note sized 5.3″ display.  While we cannot completely rule out either of these possibilities until an official announcement is made, it does seem likely that the next iPhone will indeed keep the basic form factor of the iPhone 4/4S models currently in circulation, with minor changes in body style.

iPhone 5

Ready to rush out and grab a delicious Jellybean powered Android phone with a large, tablet-like screen?  I am, too.  In fact, I did, back in May.  My Android adventure only lasted a few months, but the Galaxy Note was an incredible device that I would use again in the event of another Apple disappointment.  For now, though, I am sticking with my iPhone and tentatively planning to upgrade to the iPhone 5, pending certain outcomes to be revealed in all their glory on Wednesday.  Here are my five reasons for holding out for the iPhone 5:

  1. New design — Rumors, as we know, are a dime a dozen, and just because there are prototype images all over the place depicting a little changed iPhone 5, it doesn’t mean they are true.  We could very well end up with a radical new design this time around.  Half a year ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook vowed to lock down the rumor mill by adopting a policy of ultra-secrecy.  These so called “leaks” are just too plentiful to fall in line with that stance.  I’m betting the new iPhone will be unlike anything we are thinking, and it will be worth waiting for.
  2. The Samsung Verdict — As everyone knows, Samsung was ordered by a judge to pay Apple more than $1 billion in damages for infringing on its patents.  In the meantime, Apple has requested that certain outrageously popular smartphones made by Samsung (including the Galaxy Note and SIII) be banned from sales until all patent infringing elements of the devices are altered.  This puts Samsung in hot water, and Apple in a better position to guard its holdings.
  3. iOS 6 — In case you haven’t heard, iOS 6 is bringing hundreds of new features to the iPhone and iPad that have been missing from Apple’s bag of tricks, especially when compared with certain features that have been part of Android in some form or another since the beginning. iOS 6 alone is a good reason to stick with the iPhone instead of jumping ship for an Android device or Windows Phone.
  4. Bragging Rights — No matter what the new iPhone ends up looking like, it’s still the iPhone, and therefore deserves some respect.  The iPhone is the iconic device that changed mobile forever, and its appeal is pretty much guaranteed to outlast even the most disappointing lack of design change, just from loyalty alone.  iPhones of all kinds tend to hold their value extremely well, which means that when the ultimate iPhone revamp finally does arrive, you’ll get a sweet trade in value for your old one.
  5. Siri’s New Brain — yes, technically this is one of the iOS 6 improvements, but Siri seems to have assumed a life of her own among iPhone users.  Even though she’s performed pretty terribly for the most part, we still think of her as a “she,” someone separate and detached from the operating system.  And if she’s finally learning things and becoming more useful, what’s not to love?
So, before you give up on the iPhone, keep these things in mind and wait it out just a little longer.


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