Five Reasons iPhone 4S owners should want an iPhone 5


It’s tough, as an Apple customer, to see the next generation of the hardware you love and own be released. But with the iPhone 5 you can also get them at 02‘s website , there have been a number of iPhone 4S users stating that there’s no real reason for them to want to upgrade to the new handset.

1) Screen size

Let’s be honest, you all know you were keen when you saw that screen. Full-on widescreen, more space for another row of apps on the Homescreen – there are few reasons you shouldn’t want a larger screen, and the iPhone 5 still stays within a comfortable size range.

2) Power

A new A6 chip, a better battery to go along with it, and you’re looking at a phone that is going to tackle anything from gaming to email with serious oomph. While the iPhone 4S is leaps and bounds ahead of, say, the 3GS in terms of its capabilities, staying on top of the leading and ever-the-more-demanding apps in the market requires the latest innards.

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3) Apple software

iOS 6. iOS 6. Did we say “iOS 6” already? You’d be hard-pressed to criticise the improvements they’ve made to the iPhone OS. Siri is better, iCloud is more useful, Passbook will be invaluable for anyone who finds that paper tickets stresses them out… you’re pretty well set for useful additions to the iPhone’s software experience.

4) Phone size

While it’s taller, it’s also considerably thinner. The iPhone 4S is a pretty thin phone, compared to the bricks of yesteryear, but the iPhone 5 takes it one step further with a thickness of 7.6mm. It’s also noticeably lighter, at 112g, compared to the iPhone 4S’ 140g. Great for those who dislike bulging pockets containing heavy tech.

5) LTE

Finally, there’s LTE, the fiber-optic of mobile internet. The speed increase is noticeable, in a big way, and if you’re always tucking into your data allowance with gusto when you’re on the move, then you should probably be considering moving up to a phone that’ll do what you do now, just better… and that’s not just in reference to the LTE.


  1. Really the weight matters. I was thinking what new features added in iPhone 5 but this this gave me idea what actually a need to buy iPhone 5 when I use iPhone 4S. Let’s start recommending to friends who use iPhone 4S.

  2. If you will think I would still prefer other phone than Iphone because I am not a fan in having such kind of expensive phone. I think that techie are the ones that can afford and appreciate it.

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