5 Free Useful Internet Tools for Online Students

Online Student

Attending college online may require you to approach your education a little differently. You will often never meet your teachers or peers face-to-face, but this doesn’t mean you can’t collaborate on projects, assignments and studying.

There are several handy internet tools that allow you to work together with peers and teachers remotely, offering the same convenience of online college.

All of these tools are free and easy-to-use; just simply go to the respective website and register for an account.


Box.com allows users to store and share files via an online platform that can be opened and viewed anywhere you have access to the internet. With a personal Box account, you will get a maximum of 50 GB of online storage space with a file size limit of 100 MB to 1 GB per file. Added features include access to your files through the Box mobile app and the ability to edit your documents in the cloud. Box.com is secure and is used by over eighty percent of Fortune 500 companies.


Working on a class project? Dabbleboard is the digital age’s answer to the whiteboard. The easy-to-use drawing interface allows you to brainstorm ideas and organize your thoughts on your computer screen. It’s also a great way to collaborate on group projects, because a free account will let you share your drawings with as many Dabbleboard users as you wish. The website provides a free tutorial for you to learn how to use the tool before you start your project.


With an Instapaper account, you can save web pages for future reading. Most research papers require a minimum of five sources, and it can be difficult and confusing to keep up with online sources. Instapaper allows you to save those pages for easier access, whenever and wherever you need them. You can even access your Instapaper account from your iPad, iPhone or E-reader. If necessary, you can also print the page on paper.


Need an easier way to share a class PowerPoint project with more than one person? SlideShare allows you to give anyone you wish access to your PowerPoint presentation by uploading your presentation to their online platform. You can also share your projects with the public; perfect for graduate students looking for a way to showcase their work to potential employers. SlideShare also supports other documents, including PDFs, videos and webinars.


Whether you are working on a history project or any general research project, TimeGlider can help you organize events and ideas by creating an online timeline. TimeGlider gives you the option to use helpful design elements that make your timeline easier to read and understand. You can also share your creations with teachers or peers through the website. The creators’ mission is to “revolutionize time keeping, planning and the experience of history with a vehicle for exploring time that feels rugged, subtle and profoundly easy to use.”

Besides Instapaper.com, all of these websites also have meatier, upgraded versions that provide more user options and storage space. Each of these upgraded options do charge a fee, but if you plan on using these tools post-graduation, in a more professional setting, you may want to consider upgrading.


  1. Thanks for sharing the tools you have in your blog I think that it is very useful for students to have all the tools in order to make great presentations during the time that they are in a hurry. Love to be here in your site always.

  2. I think that it is very useful for students to have all the tools in order to make great presentations during the time that they are in a hurry.

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