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There are many clients on twitter, that are all vying to grab up the attention of everyone. This new transcription service Tweets Aloud is grabbing the attention of everyone, and in a big way. This new text–to-speech program allows you to stream your twitter feed, so you can listen to it, rather than reading it.

Now if you’re sitting there asking yourself why bother with audio transcription for a twitter feed, the answers change for each individual person but some of the reasons could be and this tops the list: for those people who are having a hard time reading their tweets because of visual impairments. This new text-to-speech service can also be used for people who are at work on the computer and don’t have time to read their tweets, with this they can listen to them in the background while they work on other more pressing jobs. If your mobility is temporally affected by a disability you can still enjoy your tweets with this program.

A great thing about this audio program is that the young woman’s voice that reads all your tweets is clear and easy to understand. You have options to play, pause, and skip ahead, or even backwards if you’re using an Ipad for this service. This is the first time with all my reading I have come across a text-to-speech program that has the ability to read your smile face, or any other jargon that is added to your tweet feed.

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Me No Like iPhone!

If you happen to be an Android fan, then you’re in luck. The new audio translation service for text-to-speech from the start-up company The Social Radio lets you listen to your twitter feed like a radio station.

At this point in time, this website is only running in privet beta mode, what this means for you is that you will have to go to their website and enter your email address to get an invite from them. The system is quite simple to use, just download it, then login to your twitter account and use it. The social radio will begin to read your tweets to you right away. There is a slight delay with the radio to read your tweets, however you can enjoy the benefit of listening to the radio between twitter feeds but only if you live in the states.

It is rather amazing that not more social networks don’t offer text-to-speech services already. Though I’m sure it’s on it’s way in for many of the social sites, all in due time.

Niale Ratte spends his spare time reading up on the latest trends in the technology and social media worlds, so the development of audio transcription systems with social media sites like Twitter is something that demanded a blog post about it!

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