Special and Unknown Features of Windows 7

Windows 7 Special Features

Windows 7 has opened to reasonably favorable reviews and has been a hit amongst its users. Microsoft has worked a lot on some of the drawbacks that could be seen with theVistaand these have been incorporated in Windows 7 making it a much better OS than the one launched before it.

Also, Windows 7 has several sets of features that we found to be quite interesting and we have included some of them in this article for you.

Here is a look at some special features of Windows 7 :


The quickest feature that you would notice with Windows 7 is that it is much faster and functions better thanVista. The booting happens quickly and the Start Menu performs very effectively. This OS has a sprightlier feel to it than its predecessors.

Home Group

Something that has been in the wait for a long time finally finds its way with Windows 7. Home networking is made easy through this feature where you can add PC’s, share printers and other devices.

Windows 7 Special Features

Enhanced Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi feature in Windows 7 is more enhanced and can be activated through a single click. All the user needs to do is to click on the system tray and choose from the list of hotspots.


This is another interesting feature that will help you to arrange and sort your various files and folders that include music, videos, pictures and other files are also stored in other drives in the system.

Windows Media Player 12

This is an upgrade from the previous versions and works great on the new operating system. It plays most of the popular file formats that you could associate with a media player. Some of the file formats that are supported by the media player include Divx, 3GP, AVI, Mov and others.


This is a very useful feature, which you are bound to use often in the long run. Here this feature provides easy access to specific files or tasks. For instance you can right click on the Internet Explorer task bar icon, which will then feature a list of most frequented sites from which you can click the one of your choice. This feature gives you quick access to some of the routine tasks you carry out on your system.

Windows 7 Special Features


Sometimes there may be a situation where several windows would have been opened and this could get very annoying. With this cool feature you can just the title bar of the Window and shake it with the mouse and it automatically minimizes all the other windows except the one you were grabbing.


This is a key development that has been made with the windows 7 OS. In order to use this feature it is essential to have a touch enabled system.


This is a very useful feature that can be used for making comparative assessments between two windows. Here you can just drag a window and stick to one corner of the side screen and you get another half area of space, which is helpful if you need to check and view two files side by side.

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  1. i am not using windows seven yet. i am using windows service pack 3. however, i did not know that window seven could be fast because it has huge files that will take you more time to install than the normal window.

    am going to give it a try and experience everything that you have highlighted my self and judge my self to know the difference.

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