How to create iPhone ringtones

How to create the iPhone ringtones

iPhone is indeed one of the best smartphones that is ever made. The smartphone is capable of performing almost all the major tasks but one of the main drawbacks of the iPhone is its inability to have free custom ringtones. The Apple offers you the option to opt for the 30 second custom ringtone for $0.99 or you can use the preinstalled ringtones which are supplied by Apple by default. If you are a normal guy who loves making and using the customized ringtone for his iPhone, then you can use a number of tools, so called as apps which are easily available in the App Store. You can sell iphone for cash and thinking to get new generation iPhone 5 or may be iPad. These all applications fully supported on the Apple devices.


So here we introduce some of the free tools which would enable you to create some trendy and hippy ringtones in different audio formats such as MP3, MP4, WAV and much more.


 This is the free iPhone ringtone making software. This app allows you to customize any iPhone ringtones. The best part of this app is that you don’t have to jailbreak your device in order to generate the ringtones for free. The tool also runs on Windows 7 and requires the iPhone firmware 1.1.2 or above.


This is free software that would work on windows and allows you to make your ringtones in a variety of formats such as WAV, MP3, M4R and much more. The operation of this software is very easy. Just select the input audio file and select the audio snippet that you want and finally select the output format of the ringtone.

  Garage Band:

This is all in one music player that is introduced by the Apple to woo the budding musicians and other artists. This tool is capable of doing a number of tasks at a time such as recording, mixing, playing guitar and much more. You can not only make your customized ringtones but you can also create an entire new collection.


The iPhone Ringtone Maker from Xilisoft is one of the oldest tools that are available to make the ringtones for the iPhone. This tool not only allows you to make new ringtones but you can also convert the existing ringtones to the M4R format. Like some of the video editing softwares, this tool can also extract the audio from some specific parts of the videos.


This is another easy way to create and distribute ringtones for your iPhone. You can easily create your ringtones from videos and audio files. This iPhone ringtone maker software is capable of trimming and working with almost all the major audio and video file formats so that you can make most colorful clips as the ringtones for your iPhone.

 Ringtone Maker:

 This is a useful app that is available on the App Store for free. You can create ringtones on your iPod and easily sync it across the iCloud so that it can be easily shared across multiple devices. Besides this, the tool is capable of customizing your message, tweet, alert, mail and calendar tones. There are unlimited amount of tones and sounds which you can create. You can also record a sound to make it as your ringtone.

Here we give you some of the best tools and apps which are available across to make ringtones for the iPhone. Some of these tools are available for free while some of them are paid.


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