3 Sonic Games that aren’t That Bad

Sonic Games

If you have been a follower of anime Sonic games for some time now, you must be having an idea how critics have a habit of ridiculing almost every production and version of this game. While Sega’s Sonic series of games are considered to be one of the biggest failure stories of the gaming industry, a closer inspection shows that not all of them are that bad. So which Sonic games deserve a fair shot from you? Here are 3 that you will not find utterly disappointing:

Sonic Advance (2002) 

Any fan and follower of the Sonic franchise will vouch for the fact that the best era for this game was when it didn’t succumb to the maddening race for 3D graphics in games. The 2D graphics in the age-old Sonic Advance games is considered one of the benchmarks of the industry and many gamers swear by the in game exploration options. You can close your eyes and trust this old school Sonic game to provide you with some serious entertainment.

Sonic Games

Sonic Rush (2005) 

2005 was the year that showed Sega some swindling hope with their Sonic franchise. Just when the gaming world and gamers of past 16 years started looking for better options, Sonic Rush emerged with a ground breaking overhaul in graphics and game interface.

Many market experts believe that the unique selling point of Sonic Rush was because of the fact that it tried rejuvenating the old age and immensely successful gameplay experience of Sonic and mixed it with modern graphics. The game also had the old school soundtracks and dizzying level design to make the experience a completely fool proof.

Sonic Chronicles (2008) 

The Sonic Chronicles of 2008 saw a complete overhauling of the gameplay and the graphics engine, thanks to the fact that there was a new developer in town, BioWare. The developer incorporated its experience from developing and marketing a number of other massively successful franchises and gave a much needed change to Sonic game enthusiasts. For the first time in its history, Sonic was published as an RPG (Role Playing Game).

The secret to the success of Sonic Chronicles was in the fact that it didn’t change the well-known characters of the franchise, but just remodeled them. Many adventure-seeking gamers consider this version of the Sonic franchise a talismanic one.

Sonic series of games may have witnessed the demise of its popularity over the years but the time is not here to chalk them off completely. You can give the above games a try at sonicgames365.com.

Brenda Lyttle is an arcade games freak. She cannot understand the criticism received by Sonic games over the years as she thoroughly enjoys them and claims that she can play sonic games 365 days a year.

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