3 Free Courses on the Future of Technology

Free Courses

3 Free Courses on the Future of Technology

There are not many ways around the technology that we use on a daily basis. Regardless of how closely you work with the internet and new technologies, it is evident that they have fundamentally changed the way we live our lives on a daily basis. And, if you make money online, you know that all tech professionals need to keep their eyes out for the newest developments in technology and internet use and form an understanding about where these technologies will go in the future. Read on for some of the most interesting recent talks on the future of technology and experience them for yourself, free and completely online:

1. The Future of the Internet at Stanford

This is a multi-part talk on the future of the internet, provided by Stanford University. The courses examine the architecture of the internet network, and how that will factor into the struggle for power over and ownership of the internet and its content moving into the future. The talks are not overly technical, and even beginners will enjoy learning about the basic structure of the internet they use every day. Topics of interest include network neutrality, the internet in political and economic context, and ownership. Definitely a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of the internet we use daily.

Free Courses

2. The Future of Cyber Warfare

Technology is always utilized at maximum levels when it comes to war. Funding for research into new ideas for military technological equipment and strategies is a first priority for many countries. In this talk, New York Times best-selling author Ted Bell discusses the newest technologies in cyber warfare that the U.S. will implement and be faced with for years to come.


3. Ted Talk on Mind Control

Part of the Ted Talks series, Christopher deCharms, a neuroscientist and researcher explains how he has been involved in the development of a new way to scan the brain to show how it works in real time. DeCharms discusses the ways this technology could be used in the future and argues that this may be the first generation in history who could potentially learn how to train the mind is a systematic way, like building a muscle.

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