2 White Hat SEO Tactics for Novice Webmasters

White Hat SEO

Starting a website, submitting a blog post in it and starting to earn revenue from it is not as simple as many webmasters have made it sound over the ages. Although the SEO tactics involved for this purpose are not exactly rocket science, you will need to ensure that you are adhering to them strictly to ensure that your website is ranking high and you are drawing enough traffic to it. Here are 2 simple yet effective white hat SEO techniques for beginner webmasters –

Have An Efficient Keyword Profile 

A keyword profile is a set of keywords that must be incorporated into the content of your website in order to ensure you have a functioning and popular website. This way you will not only be attracting the right kind of traffic to your website but also increase chances of higher rankings in the search results.

Remember to choose keywords that are relevant to the theme of your website. When choosing keywords, you will also need to take into consideration the keywords that your competitors might have chosen and ensure that your keyword profile is as unique as possible. And of course, be sure to keep your linking strategy varied to avoid any suspicion and build a natural and rewarding linking profile.

White Hat SEO

Visibility Of Content 

Once you have a function keyword profile and rich content on your website, you will need to bring it to the notice of the search engine and the users in order to draw traffic and earn revenue from it. Here are 2 tips to ensure this –

Post Links 

Identify a set of other websites, which must be a mixture of high quality, medium quality and low quality ones, and then contact the webmasters for posting links of your website in the body of the content on their website. This way, your website’s link will earn credibility and attract traffic from other websites. Remember that Google’s Penguin Update gives huge importance to links to and from websites with highly rated content.

Make It User Friendly 

Incorporate user friendly modes of reading the content of your website in order to make it easily understandable to the visitors to your website. Some of the basic tips for this purpose are using lists, guides, bullet points and highlighting major phrases. You can also increase the extent of the content on your website in order to attract wider base of readers.Combine these 2 simple tips with other more in-depth SEO tips and soon you will be making some serious amounts of money from your new website.

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