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The Galaxy Nexus handset, released by Google, is one of the newest phones available from shops like Phones 4U that takes advantage of the Android OS. It runs the latest version of the OS that Google helped to create, named Ice Cream Sandwich. As weird as that name might sound, it’s the last thing that anyone will need to worry about after seeing what Nexus can do when it has the latest version of Android installed.

Access to everything you need is fast and easy. The fully customizable menu is on hand with just a single button press, and can be tailored to suit any user. As well as this, it comes equipped with a five megapixel camera that can be accessed quicker than any other mobile phone camera on the market. With a single touch, you can be taking photographs instantly and the sAmoled screen gives stunning visual performance that is unmatched at this point in time.

Ice Cream Sandwich allows the Galaxy Nexus to perform at its best, and the software itself is fully future proofed, meaning that both the handset and the software will support the upcoming 4G standard when it becomes commonplace. This means that when everyone else’s phones become obsolete, there will be no need to upgrade yours; unless you want to get the next one.


Google has created a phone that looks after everything it contains. All your pictures can be uploaded quickly and easily to your own Cloud storage space, meaning that if you ever need something but can’t get to your phone, you can access it from anywhere just by logging into your Google account. Or if you upgrade your phone, the same applies; just log in to your Google account for fast and efficient access to your files and data from anywhere, anytime.

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