Top 10 must have iPhone apps

Top 10 Must Have iPhone Apps

iPhone apps have the potential to be everything from practical to plain fun. The boom in the app market over the past few years has seen an app emerge for virtually everything, albeit with some that probably shouldn’t have ever been considered. Easy to download and install, iPhone users can benefit from particular apps that easily blend into everyday lives and tasks. The most successful of these are typically ones that promote interactivity with an online site, or provide invaluable data storage and communications facilities. Others are just fun to use when you need to kill a bit of time. The following list represents, in no particular order, some must have apps:

1 – Angry Birds Space

If you aren’t an Angry Birds fan already, you probably should be. The game can suck up huge amounts of your time without ever feeling too repetitive. The newest version of the game takes the shooting action into space, and will provide hours of productive time for iPhone users who have exhausted the previous installment.

2 – Draw Something

A sure test of your drawing ability, and creator of numerous examples of baffling artworks and interpretations of objects, Draw Something has become one of the top iPhone apps of the last few months. Users exchange drawings with each other, and have to work out what the other is drawing. Harder than it sounds.

3 – Instagram

Recently acquired by Facebook for $1 billion dollars, the photo sharing app is ideal for sharing photos and applying filters to them. Set to be a key part in Facebook’s movement across different platforms in the next year.

Top 10 Must Have iPhone Apps

4 – Facebook

Hard to get away from as a must have iPhone app, Facebook’s addictiveness becomes even more heightened when transported onto the iPhone. From checking in at different locations to makes notes and viewing photographs, Facebook on the go is indispensable.

5 – TED Talks

A less mainstream choice, TED Talks represents a number of short video presentations that highlights recent innovations in arts and sciences. Entertaining and perfect for the commute to work or school, TED Talks’ content is wide ranging but always fascinating.

6 – Google Earth

The Google Earth app for the iPhone is ideal if you need to navigate a particularly tricky area. Its Street View function means that you have little excuse for not matching up your route to established maps. A lifesaver is you are in a rush to get somewhere.

7 –  Commit

A useful way to organise your daily schedule, Commit provides an easy to use interface that can sort through your meetings, appointments and diary. Perhaps the best app of its kind for handling your daily routine.

8 – Twitter

Being able to tweet on the go is one of the major advantages of having the app for the iPhone. Able to provide you with a constant stream of information and contracts, it can get very addictive. Used in moderation, Twitter for the iPhone is essential for keeping track of things.

9 – Dropbox

One of the leading cloud storage apps, Dropbox allows you to access online files from different devices. With high storage levels, Dropbox makes it easy to retrieve files and make adjustments to documents without leaving your iPhone.

10 – Skype

Recently improved, and ideal for fast connections, Skype video calls add extra depth to iPhone conversations.

Guest Post by Martin Roche – Passionate about modern technology including Mobile phones for personal use and Mobiles for Business

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