Top 10 Google Services that could be refused by users

Top 10 Google Services that could be refused by users

Everyone must admit that some Google services are, quite frankly, not that they used to be a few years ago. There is a tendency to trying find something different, but only few people know how to manage such attempt. Let’s talk about 10 Google services which could be exactly easily refused.

1. Gmail

Everyone knows and likes this email system – it is easy to use and gives a lot of storage space for free. But how long it’s been since the Gmail held leading positions on the mail market? In a changing world there are a lot of worthy alternatives which offer conditions not worse than Gmail.

Try to use Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail – you will hardly see the difference!

2. Google Talk

Google talk doesn’t held leading positions neither in the VoIP space nor in IM. There are a lot of disadvantages of Google Talk which you will never face at Skype.

3. Google Search

There is nothing you can find with the Google Search that you can’t find with a lot of others search engines. Except for a lot of adult entertainment, of course – Google search is the favorite place for spammers and scammers. Besides, numerous investigations have shown that Google’s search quality is not mach better than other engines. So feel free to use some other alternatives.

Top 10 Google Services that could be refused by users

4. Google Docs

What a lot of people really do like about Google services is Google Docs! But you don’t have to focus on it – that will be really easy to find a good alternative such as Microsoft Office Online. And if you prefer free apps (that happens) – the Internet has a nice surprise for you in the form of LibreOffice or AbiWord. And what is really pleasant – Google Docs has functions which will help you to transfer all the documents into any other docs app.

5. Picasa

Transferring your data from Picasa to another graphic service is going to be much more difficult as with Google Docs, but it is still feasibly. And if you worry about some functions you will not find in another photo service – be sure you will.


6. Google Maps

Mapping services is really widespread so you are not going to face the problem if decided to replace Google Maps with something different.

7. Google Checkout

This payment system doesn’t have a lot of fans or fellows and that is a really slight chance that you have Google Checkout account. But if you do – we would like to inform you there are some different payment systems such as PayPal or Amazon Payments which are much used all over the world.

8. Android

Being one of the favorite mobile platform both for developers and users, Android still has three alternatives: Windows Phone 7, iOS and BlackBerry. Try one of them and feel the difference. Or try all of them and feel the advantages of mobile fragmentation!

9. Google Reader

This kind of news reader is not the strong point of Google services and a lot of other readers have even more functions than Google Reader has. That’s why it is reasonable to convert all your subscriptions into OPML format and get it into another news service.

10. Blogger

You can find both paid and free blogging systems to replace the Google service. For example draw your attention into WordPress – a powerful application which you can install on your server to be in complete control of you data.

We have just described 10 Google services you can easily replace with other products. Anyway, there are some applications and services which are “must-use” and are really hard to be replaced. Yes, we are talking about YouTube, Google+ and AdWords. And if the two latter services are must-use only for companies and content-producers, YouTube is really essential for everyone who uses the Internet.

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