The Evolving means of a Smartphone,or a Portable Device

The Evolving means of a Smartphone,or a Portable Device

Everyone today knows that smartphones are kind of a big deal, and they are also one of the primary reasons technology has been advancing so fast lately.  Even though most people know what a smartphone is, the real use and integration of them into everyone’s daily life is only beginning.  The latest breakthroughs of technology are only just the star, and the future will hold a device that is completely different to people.

Smartphones in the beginning were simply glorified PDA machines with a phone integrated into them.  They remained this way for many years until the introduction of the iPhone that made everyone scramble for a product to compete with it.  This was the dawn of a new outlook on how mobile technology could be designed and used for the individual that owns it.  Soon thereafter devices started to include certain luxury components to experiement with different ways the devices could be used.  Today most of the major aspects have been worked out in the physical design, but small tweaks and different software features are being implemented in a whole new way.  Instead of the device being a mini computer, most companies are seeing it as a mini assistant to use in any way the individual wishes.

Voice Recognition Technology

One way companies have been working on this idea is by improving voice recognition technologies.  A good example is Siri for the iPhone products.  Instead of just launching applications or writing a message, Siri takes it to the next level by answering questions and dynamically “learning” the tastes and preferences of the user.  This is advantageous because it can setup certain things automatically and even make recommendations for things to do or food to eat.  Surprisingly the complexity of Siri is relatively small, and as a result much more complex products are being created and released to make things even better.

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Another interesting design difference that current phones are having to take is the durability of its screen and casing.  People love thin smartphones, and as a result they are being manufactured as thin as possible with flimsy parts.  Micro arc technology and gorilla glass are both being used today to make them more durable, but any smartphone will have to have a case around it to truly be protected.  Thin cases for iPod Touch and other thin cases for iPods have become very popular today to retain the original slim look of the device.  These are not only protective but they fit much tighter than regular cases for devices.  It is good to think of them as an insurance policy since they will not only prevent drops but handle it well when it happens.

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