The Best Travel Apps for iPhone and Android

Best Travel Apps for iPhone

Making use of the latest travel apps for devices such as the iPhone and Android can make things run much more smoothly, both when planning your trip and actually on the road. Users of the iPhone and Android devices will find that there is an excellent selection of specially created travel apps to choose from, which cover aspects of travel such as creating an itinerary, getting around and searching for accommodation. What follows is an overview of some of the best travel apps currently available to use in the palm of your hand.


People who are in search of a great deal on hotels, flights and car rentals can make big savings with the Kayak app. This is the most popular travel app available from Apple for the iPhone and provides everything that the savvy modern traveller needs, including information on the best places in your desired destination to convert currency and full details on the most popular local attractions and tours.


TripIt is an application that helps manage all of your travel documents and create an organised itinerary for you by linking to your email. Any travel confirmation emails that you receive such as for flights, hotels and dinner reservations are placed into a special file, allowing you to keep track of everything at a glance. The app also makes instantaneous adjustments and updates any time you receive last minute changes to your travel details by email.


Photosynth makes it possible for even amateur photographers to create stunning photographs that they can share instantly with their friends and family. This easy to use app stitches together your photographs to create picturesque panoramic images of a scene, showing the people back home exactly what you are looking at when you travel.


Instagram is a new photography-based app that is currently taking the world by storm. This app transforms standard photographs into works of art by using special filtered effects to give photographs unusual, artistic or professional finishes. One of the great things about this app is that you can share you photographs on social media networks such as Facebook, allowing people to see the world through your eyes and leave comments on your photography.

Best Travel Apps for iPhone


Now it is possible to track your flight instantly from anywhere in the world using the FlightAware app. Simply type your flight number and airline into the specially provided window and you will be instantly notified of gate changes, flight delays or cancellations.


Travellers can score the best deals and discounts on a wide range of different types of accommodation in destinations all around the world using the Jetsetter app. The creators of this handy app work closely with selected accommodation groups and one-of-a-kind establishments to provide users with impressive discounts of up to 50% off. This is the ideal app for planning your next break away.

North Face’s Trailhead

People who enjoy taking part in outdoor activities are sure to enjoy using The North Face’s Trailhead app. Simply type in your desired destination into the Trailhead app and you will be provided with details of all the bicycle routes and hiking trails in that area, as well as any special outdoor events that are scheduled to take place in that area. Users of the Trailhead app can track the distance, speed and elevation of their chosen route and are also provided with details of the nearest North Face shop.


Tracking down the best places to eat in town is easy with the OpenTable app. This app locates a large number of recommended restaurants and other eateries all over the world and comes complete with reviews from previous diners. Hungry travellers can even use OpenTable to make instant dinner reservations through their iPhone or Android device.

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