File Storage: How Can I Keep My Files Safe?

File Storage

Keeping your computer’s files safe is important, especially when you could be in a serious bind should something happen to them. Many people turn to external storage devices to keep their files safely tucked away, out of the harm of viruses, hackers, or other potential intruders. While this is a good idea to an extent, your files can still suffer from physical misfortunes. When one of these events happens, many people turn to online file storage solutions, simply because they know that they are completely secure and have a wonderful uptime. This of course applies to the most advanced file storage providers, who have the capacity to handle the security necessary.

Since security is one of the biggest concerns with online document storage, it is important for you to know that file storage sites do offer incredible amounts of security for your files. The levels of security they offer can even rival national security measures regarding electronic documents. Most intruders are incapable of breaking through these barriers. The security measures can stretch from file encryption, to physical 24/7 security over the servers themselves. They also have high security firewalls across their servers; along with intruder alert software for any instance where someone or something may attempt a forced entry into the servers. Most people cannot afford this type of security for their home computers or business computers; making online storage even safer than your very own computer.

File Storage

These file sharing sites also have privacy options that you can edit, and set to your specific requirements. For example, if you have to share files among people, you can edit the security restrictions on that document to “open” or password protected. This allows others to download the document. You can also have your documents hidden to everyone but you. This versatility within file storage and document sharing sites gives you the ability to utilize them according to your needs. Also, sites like Egnyte offer features that allow collaboration among several individuals at once. This means different people can access and edit a single document; and the most recent version of that document is the one that is readily available. This can significantly increase efficiency and production, while saving time among employees.

File storage providers are much more reliable than external drives in regard to security, simply because many different things can happen to your external devices. What should happen if they are caught in a house fire? Or a potential flood? The devices would be completely destroyed, and you would have no way of recovering the files. Theft is also a big problem, and your devices can suddenly become the victims of theft. If the device is not stolen for its contents (documents), then it may be stolen for its monetary value. Your documents may not even be a factor when it comes to theft. You also have the possibility of negligence, such as accidently misplacing or losing it. These are all avoided with online storage providers.

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