Android powered Wrist Watch launched by Sony

Smart Watch (2)

Sony has lead as an advent in the category of gadgets. As of now, we all have seen the impressive mobile phones, handsets, iphone, ipad, laptops and ultrabooks. However, Sony has let you to wear technology right on your wrist. With the craze of social networking sites, this smart watch MN2 is designed with the exciting looks. By wearing it on your wrist, you can read text messages, surf social networking sites, check out emails, and even receive the calls. At the first glance, it seems a little funnier and exciting to see such a sophisticated watch. May be you have never thought of talking from your watch. Surely, this innovation led by Sony is going to linger on people’s mind for a quite long time. Even if you are passionate about music or FM radio, you can manage the listen anything.

When it comes to the features, yes is not at all lesser than any of the smartphones. Although, the size of the screen is pretty small, as of to give it a look of watch. It is featured with 1.3-inch OLED display. This exclusive digital watch is featured with many apps, like facebook apps, Google maps, and calendar. Additionally you can arrange settings to create call alerts and events managements for incoming and outgoing calls.

Smart Watch (2)

To attract a large chunk of youth, Sony has given it a wonderful funky look. It is framed up with aluminum edge and top-class plastic with different shades of blue, pink and white. To tie on the wrist comfortably you would a find rubber strip strap, which is in black color. Therefore, it is worth saying that these watches are super watches. May be your favorite superman or batsman wears it and now you are going to experience the same.

One thing is clear here that, after wearing this super watch, you don’t have to carry those of handsets, ipds or laptops. You can easily connect to the Bluetooth and works on the operating system 2.1 os, yet you can upgrade it further if you choose. Sony has ensured that the battery life of this superwatch is pretty high. It can easily work from three to four days and may provide the standby for approximately fourteen days. You might be thinking about charging this small and cute gadget. Don’t worry, the process is as simple as it is. Simply by connecting to USB you can charge it whenever it is discharged.

Smart Watch

Well, I can understand the thought that is actually occupying your mind right now. Sony has not kept the tag too high, as it want this gadget to become the passion of the youth. You can just purchase this at price tag of $150. However, if you happen to it buy at the special discounts and offers you may get it at the cheaper price. Currently, this exclusive gadget is available at the Sony outlets, online markets, and websites. However, you would get this smart watch at your nearest retail shop.


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