SEO – 7 Effective Tips For Bloggers


7 Effective SEO Tips For Bloggers

When someone start blogging, then the first word that strike his mind with puzzles and secrets is the SEO. You can find thousands of articles regarding the SEO. But till its a puzzling word for many bloggers. SEO is necessary for every blog. But how much do you know about it? In this post I am going to post some best SEOtips. So lets have a look.

1. SEO – Keyword Research

The first thing that you need to perform in the SEO is the Keyword Research. Keyword research is the base of the SEO. If you have written valuable content, then it does not mean that your blog is going to be on first page of search engine. Keyword research is what you need to perform before making your articles to go live. Providing keywords randomly and without doing any proper research, you can’t do well with the blog.

2. Importance of Internal Links

When we talk about the On Page SEO, then the internal links is the first requirement. Internal links don’t only help to reduce your bounce rate but also help in getting some higher rank in the search engines for your targeted keywords.

3. Description Tag                            

Description tag is very important to tell the search engines about your written content. Well, most of the bloggers either don;t go for the description tag or they don’t know how to make the perfect use of it. Many times bloggers provide the wrong info in the description tag with the hope to rank higher. Well, Google is so smart to catch you out and once being caught you will get penalized and can’t rank even on the last page. SEO

4. Building Links For Your Blog

Building links for your blog is very important. You can comment on other blogs to get the links to your blog. Most of the bloggers also make investment to get some links. The most foolish part done by the bloggers in the link building field is the Link Exchange. Most of the bloggers exchange link with each other and this results in their ban from Googlesooner or later.

5. Importance Of Social Media

With the increase of the traffic on the social networking sites, the social media has become the great source of traffic for many bloggers after the search engines. In Fact for many bloggers, it is the primary source as well.  You must consider to use the social sharing buttons on your blog so that the readers of your blog can share your content on their social media accounts. All this can really work as great source of traffic.

6. Be Responsive To Your Readers

This is one the most important thing regarding the real success of your blog. Many bloggers motivate their readers to comment on their blogs and it is beneficial as well. But the wrong part is that the bloggersdon’t reply to the comments on their blogs. This make them as the money seekers and spam bloggers who are only for business in the front of their readers. And many people will not like to visit the blog of such person.

7. Build Reader and Subscriber List

Building the Subscribers and readers list is very tough task but also very useful. You must consider having a complete list of readers of your blog, who are always keen to read your blog. You can use many methods to build the list. The most On Going methods used by the bloggers is by starting a Give Away or by providing free E-Books. So it was the list of some SEO related tips for the bloggers. The internet is all filled with lots of SEO articles, which make it more tough to understand. So I decided to write the best tips on this post so that you can understand the real meaning of it and can learn it by just following some above mentioned tips. Hope you like the work. Please consider sharing it with your friends on the social networking sites. For any kind of comment or query, please use the comment section below.

Author Bio: Rajkumar Jonnala is full time SEO Consultant and blogger for chescadirect online fashion website which offers mother of the bride outfits, wedding outfits.

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