14 Best Noise Cancelling earphones for Airplanes

14 Best Noise Cancelling earphones for Airplanes

14 Best Noise Cancelling earphones for airplanes

Sitting in the plane and waiting to reach your destination can be pretty annoying, especially if the journey is a long one and you have nothing much to do. As it is, you not supposed to switch on any communication device and so you are actually isolated from the world and need something to keep yourself engaged till you land. Music and movies are the best ways to pass your time, but this can be a tad tricky as there is the noise of the plane that will interrupt if you don’t have the right earphones. Stress not, as here is the list of the best earphones for airplanes. 

Maximo iMetal iM590

These iMetal headphones have a lot of technology incorporation and that is the reason that they are just so perfect. The earphones are balance so well that the sound quality is exceptional and they are known to black out background sounds completely making them the perfect choice for travel by flight. These headphones have a fabric covered wire and come with 4 pairs of ear tips. 

Etymotic HF2

These headphones have the in-ear form factor and there is the in-ear seal that has been integrated and thus, there is absolutely no chance of any outside sound seeping in. There is a mic that is present and thus, you can use these headphones even when you are not travelling. The quality of the mic is impeccable. There are 2 replacement filters that are bundled along with the earphones. 

Phiaton PS 20NC

These stylish earphones have the active ambient noise cancellation capability that complements the in-the-ear form factor. They have a metallic shine finish and you need to charge them separately, so they do not use the battery of the device that they are connected too. For this, there is the Airline Plug adapter that has been provided. Also, there are 4 pairs of eartips that are provided so that they can fit according to the size of the ear canal.

14 Best Noise Cancelling earphones for Airplanes

Etymotic HF5

These headphones are known for the balance that they have and a lot of sound engineering goes into managing that. The cord of the earphones is made of Kevlar cord and thus they are extra tough and are known to withstand jerks and jolts. There is the audiologist voucher that you can avail once you have purchased the earphones and there are 3 colors to choose from.

 Audio-Technica ATH-M50

These over the ear form factor headset provide the ease and comfort that you are looking for, while you are travelling. There is the ear cup seal present and that makes sure that you have no disturbance in the form of background noises troubling you while you are using them. The cord is almost tangle free as it is coiled and you get a headphone pouch that has been designed for this headset.

 Etymotic HF3

This pair of headphones has the in-the-ear form factor and there is a mic that has been added to the headphones as well and thus they can be used anywhere. They have a commendable noise isolation system that completely seals out the noises and you get just the music that is playing on your player. There are in-ear moulds that are present as well, but they are optional and you get a filter sets that are present.

Shure SE315

These earphones are special. They are very different from the ones that I have mentioned in this list. They have the detachable cord present and that is for the purpose of getting a new cord in case you want to upgrade to one. The earphones are sleek and lightweight so you will not be uncomfortable after using them for a little while. They come with a lot of add ons in the form of eartips of different materials and a carrying case.  

Etymotic ER-4PT

This is yet another set of earphones that need to be charged separately and thus they do not drain out the charge of the device that they are plugged to. The ear buds have the ambient noise blocking capability and they work equally well in medium and high volume conditions. There is a shirt clip that comes along with the bundle and there and quite a few other accessories. 


These earphones have the circum aural construction and the ear pads have the ability to block out the noise that is present in the outside environment. These headphones can be folded when they are not in use and thus they can be made pretty compact and stored without any trouble. They come with a slim hard-sided storage case and an airline adapter. 

AKG K 495 NC

These earphones block out surround sounds with the help of the active powered noise cancellation technology that is present. The headband of the earphones is made of uber soft material and there is a earpad cushion present that does not put too much pressure on the ear. The cables of the earphones are also detachable and they headband can be straightened out when the headset is not in use, so that it can be stores easily.

 Sennheiser PXC 450

These headphones have the “Noise Guard” circuitry and thus there is just no outside sound that will trouble the user of these headphones. The headset is compatible with almost all the top notch devices that are present in the market. There is a bypass switch that is present that enhances the quality of the sound and you get a pouch along with the earphones.

 Klipsch M40 Mode

These headphones have the bi-way independent tweeter and woofer arrays. The microphone that is present is from Apple itself and thus these headsets are tailor made for iPhones and other iDevices. The cords of the headphones are detachable and there is the noise cancellation technology integration present too. The headsets have the circumaural construction and come with a clip and travel pouch apart from other accessories.

 Sony MDR-Z1000

These headsets from Sony are just too good. They have the detachable headphones cable option and this enables the user to replace the cord whenever he/she wishes for an upgrade. There is the Sony Liquid Crystal Polymer driver present and that ensures that there is no compromise made on the quality of the sound. The earcups of the headset have the noise cancellation capacity and you get a travel pouch along with the headset. 

Ultrasone Edition 8

This headset with the circumaural construction look beautiful and they have loads of features as well and that’s what makes them click. The earcups of the headset are made up of Ethiophian sheepskin leather and that makes sure that there is no seeping in of outside sounds and the main earpieces are made of Ruthenium and that is the reason behind the top quality sound that these headsets produce.

Now that you know the best earphones for airplanes you can go ahead and choose the one that suits your personality the most and use them each time you are globe trotting. These headphones are sure to make your journey a blissful one.

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