Reasons why your readers may not like your Blog

Blog Readers may not like your posts

The main thing that every blog should maintain is readers. The traffic of a blog is in hands of the readers, if you lose your readers , the number of traffic you lose. It is not a easy to gain traffic and increase your blog readers, there are many reasons why your reader’s won’t interact and like your blog. The first thing you should mind in the blogging is appearance. Many blogs are not getting their readers regularly due to appearance of the blog , the appearance is the first key which helps you to gain your readers or lose your readers.Here are some things, why your blog readers doesn’t like your blog.

If a person is searching for an important thing very urgent, he Googles it and may reach your blog. If your blog has some pop up boxes, he may be get irritated and will go back to the next page. You may think that he can close that box and read the blog, but if he’s on a urgent , he closes the blog and goes back to Google search. Pop up boxes of an website may be the reason why many blogs lose their traffic.

Blog Readers may not like your posts

The Silly Old Content
If you are writing an article, see that whether that article already exists in your blog. If there is an article about ” How to increase blog traffic” don’t repeat that post again in your blog with different tips, because people had already read some traffic tips in your blog. This is the thing which I notice in some blogs handled by the newbies.

Quality Content
Content is King of the blog. If you publish a new article, that article must quality not only the title, yes, many  blogs have attractive title for their articles, but when the reader opens it and reads, they will get shocked by the quality of the article, Don’t think that I am joking it’s real  , I do often get shocked by the quality of articles in blogs. You can use online dictionary, grammar mistakes corrector and much more things to improve your writing skill. The main thing is that the article must have a clean and lengthy introduction, the readers will decide the article whether it is quality or not with the introduction of the article.

Not Updating Regularly

Though if you are a skilled content writer, you must not publish often or too much days later. If you handle a blog , set some duration for writing articles, example I take 2 days for an article. If maintain the time regularly, the readers will visiting the blog regularly on the day , which you make the publish. This makes the readers more engaged with your blog and will love your blog.

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  1. Placing myself in the shoes of the reader, I fully agree with your points. For me the biggest challenge is posting regularly. Time is passing so fast and I always end-up posting more rarely than I intend to…

  2. Pop-ups drive me crazy….I think in the end it’s all about the fundamentals really: just provide good content and make sure the whole reader experience is pleasant…

  3. quality of content matters alot for grabbing readers, if you have quality content in your blog readers will love your blog for sure.
    Nice post hari 🙂

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