Top 5 Craziest Applications at Google Play Store

Top 5 Craziest Applications

Most of us are passionate about music.  Such passion has inspired many of the techies to develop the media players. Among most of the media-players, the android- inbuilt devices are quite popular.  If you happen to possess the android-powered device, you would be able to download numerous musical apps right on your media player.

Here are the Top 5 Craziest Applications in Android Market

Double twist player:  double twist is one of the craziest applications in market.  With this app, you can download the variety of songs on your gadget. The best of part of this app is that you can synchronize your player with desktop PC via Wi-Fi and update your file easily.  Most of the time, you even do not need to connect your device to the PC or desktop.  By the help of cloud sync, you can also manage to listen to songs on your android device.  One can synchronize itunes to the android device and make their own android library.  Most of the apps here are free.

Top 5 Craziest Applications

Tune wiki:  the tune wiki is a unique gadget in the android market.  Tune wiki allows enjoying the lyrics as well as song.  Apart from this, it enables you to translate the song in almost 40 languages.  With the help of internet connection, tune wiki would help you to follow the taste of the other listeners.  To add, this would also allow checking out the chartbusters and top songs through song maps.

Poweramp:  if you happen to download variety of music files like MP3, FLAC, ALAC, WAV and WMA, then never forget to include the power amp in your list. It is featured with 10-band equalizer that enables presets and various other features like treble and bass adjusters.  For the one who wants to adjust the time between songs, album art finder and tag editor, this app is highly lucrative.  Additionally the users are also facilitated with browsing and playing of songs from specified folders.

Player pro: player pro is a great corner to browse albums, songs, artists, genres, playlist, and folders.  This android gadget will help you to download, search, and save lyrics in favorite media player.  What adds bonus to this player is its android gadget.  This helps it to download the album art and photos, ultimately saving a lot of time.  Beside this, this app is designed to provide the facility of audio effects and 5-band graphic equalizer.  Hence, you can also enjoy multiple presets and other features like stereo widening, reverb, bass boost, and volume control.

Winamp:  this app has been in the market since quite some time now.  Win amp helps you to tackle with the things like play, manage, sync music from your desktop to the android device.  Aside, it renders help to manage with the music management solution, like iTunes import library, and access to plethora of internet radio station.  Truly, speaking the app has created a revolution in the field of android gadgets.

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