Top 5 Android Games in 2012


Android has become every tech geek’s life nowadays. Android has the Most number of apps and games that any others have. When we use the word ” Android” the first thing comes to our mind is the game.The best gaming experience can be found is in android mobiles than in the PC. In 2011 hundred’s of games and apps for android was released , those was really amazing . As we all know before a month , Samsung had beaten Nokia and became the number 1 in Asia, the Nokia Company is now trying to produce some Intelligent apps for Nokia Mobiles alone which has android.  So I’m going to list top 5 Android games based on their Rating and Popularity. Some games are included in this list which are best in my opinion.

1. Draw Something by OMGPOP

Draw something is the best drawing game for android. You can create your own Cartoon characters and can save to your mobile and can set as wallpaper or use it for any other thing. You can see ads in some android games or apps which you use, this drawing game is a ad-free game, that is not interruption while drawing!

2. Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds space is a action game and number one popular game in the internet in both PC and mobiles. In this game the birds which are angry on their enemies, try to kill them. If you play this game once , you cannot stop playing surely!. In my opinion this is my best entertainment game and my rating is [4.5/5].

3. Cut the rope

Cut the rope game is a OM NOM candy award winning game by Zeptolab. It is a great game fun-full, changing the story of the game by actions and it has colorful graphics. This game has the rating 4.7/5 in Google Play Store. The customers or Users of this game say that lower levels are easy to finish but the higher levels are tough enough . This a best game which has more fun!

4. Where’s my water ?

Where’s my water is the best hit app on Disney which has more than 160+ levels , where you cannot stop playing!. The here of this game is swampy the alligator. The Game line is , this alligator is little different from other alligators , the others broke the the swampy’s water pump, help swampy guiding water to his shower!

5. Cut the rope : Experiments

As I already discussed about the Cut the rope this is a best game. The game line is cut the ropes and release the candy into the character’s mouth and unlock new levels.


  1. I really hate playing games but after launching Angry Birds game on Facebook than i started playing it and its really cool game 🙂
    Thanks for listing out it. I will give 5 out of 5 .

  2. There are so many online and offline Android role playing games (RPG) on the market, but we will give you the best 5 that are there waiting for you to download if you have not already. We believe these are the top 5; you may have another title you would like to share with us?

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