Symbian Belle Custom Firmware

Symbian Belle Custom firmware

Symbian Belle Custom Firmware to your Smartphone

Smartphones, over the years, has gained much recognition among the youth of the generation. With mobile phones serving a purpose greater than just making or receiving calls, the trend of empowering the smartphones with cool application and custom firmware is on the go. The reason is simple; people are looking forward to adding stylish new looks to their home screen. People owning Nokia smartphones are blessed with the opportunity of empowering their phones with the outstanding Symbian Belle Custom Firmware.

This particular custom firmware supports Nokia phones of model number 5230/5233/5530/ 5800. The firmware features New Theme Effects, Kinetic Scrolling, Anna Icon Sets, and Super Fast Sensor along with various other designs. However, this firmware is not completely accustomed with Belle firmware; however, this CFW is lot better than the Belle while using the HD wallpapers on Bonus LinsPirat.

Well, empowering your Nokia Smartphone with the Symbian Belle Custom Firmware is sure to load your phone with the following interesting features –

  • Integrated QT
  • Smooth Kinetic Scrolling
  • Fixed key for camera hardware
  • Improved performance Upgrade
  • Remodeled Music Theme of LinsPirat
  • New and latest Swipe to unlock and radiant swipe for answering
  • LinsPirat Plus Pack along with downloads (featuring all wallpapers and themes from LinsPirat alongside functioning OVI store)
Symbian Belle Custom firmware

What is New on the Smartphones?

You would definitely not like to add a custom firmware that hardly offers your phone an added vitality or functionality. Well, here is a look at the latest features that are added to the Nokia Smartphones with Symbian Belle Custom Firmware –

  • Server links (personal)
  • Equalizer presets (5 extra)
  • Latest LinsPirat HD Walls 6+2
  • Latest Theme of LinsPirat (LTS)
  • Android theme effects from nhelske
  • Proven patchers with ROM patchers
  • Glossy swipe for unlocking the phone
  • Latest Theme of LinsPirat (LTS) (Music)
  • Karaoke supported music player with .Irc file (15.2 defaults)
  • Latest LinsPirat Ringers 5 (Edited personally from fav tunes)
  • Latest Reworked v1 theme (is made available with auto installer)
  • Included v1 LinsPirat theme (featuring anna pop icons and colorful)
  • Colorful and fast (loaded with RAM at Start Up + 60MB, multiple colors in LinsPirat theme)
  • Latest and remodeled animated boot screen from LinsPirat LTS (for smooth operation mbm file)
  • Latest Giant 7 font for Windows phone (with plans of releasing the giant version in coming days)

With all such progressions in the smartphone look and feel alongside the advanced SMTP touch-up, connectivity and communication via e-mail applications gets easier and engaging than ever.

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  1. I had updated Symbian Anna to Symbian Belle for a neighbor’s phone and I had noticed that it is a mixture of ANDROID AND WINDOWS !

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